Published On: February 1, 2021
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On Thursday 4th February we will be upgrading our server.

This will result in the website being down for a couple of hours – The optimiser will remain online during this update.


Hey guys,

We wanted to put out a public message to pre-warn you of some upcoming maintenance that we will be doing on the website.

As many of you will know we launched the website at the start of December, and we have been blown away by the support and growth of our community since then.

When we first set out on this mission to bring a tool to the community that would change the way that people play, we never thought it would grow as quickly as it has.

To help us continue to grow we have decided we will be upgrading our current server to improve the load speeds along with some other fixes and tweaks that we have not wanted to cause downtime to implement.

On Thursday 4th Feb 2021 we will be undertaking some planned maintenance on the website. This will result in the site being offline for a couple of hours in the evening. During this time, you should still be able to access and use the raid optimisation tool but please be patient while we make this change.

We hope that all changes will be complete before midnight but as with many things like this, it may take a little longer if something unforeseen occurs.

We thank you all for your continued support and continue to welcome feedback on how we can improve the website going forward.

All the best, Team

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