The Lizardmen’s epics reviewed in two lines or fewer!

Published On: June 13, 2021

The Lizardmen epics reviewed in two lines or fewer!


In our series of epics reviewed in two lines or fewer we have reached The Lizardmen! Lets just hope Lizardmen get some more champions soon…


Jarang: Trash.

Jareg: One of the most reliable decrease attacks on his A1. Great for Clan Boss and his passive that places a continuous heal if an ally loses health is good. Useful against some of the new Doom Tower bosses.

Basilisk: Hardest hitting champion in this faction great for Faction Wars.

Aox the Rememberer: Great champion. Super valuable right across the game. Poisons, heals, decreases attack and crit rate, also has a passive that can increase the duration of debuffs on the attacker. Love this champion.

Drake: Can hit ok. Some people have showcased him hitting really hard but I wouldn’t build him, a terrible champ.

Jizoh: Free login champion at the start of the game. Good in the Arena at the very start but other than that, he is just not worth it.

Quargan the Crowned: He has good buffs, heals, and shields but I don’t think he is good enough.

Broadmaw: Fusible champion. Recently got a buff and is now very good for Faction Wars but other than that not worth building.


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