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Published On: June 2, 2021
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Update to the daily activity rewards in Raid Shadow Legends

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Plarium has announced some really nice improvement that will be live with the upcoming update – Playtime Rewards have been a debate for a while as they are great for newer players, however, as your account develops the amount of silver and other rewards that you pick up for being online almost become pointless. As of the upcoming patch, Plarium will increase with your Player Level Rewards to scale with your level in the game:

Here is a breakdown of the new rewards for being active in the game each day:

Level 1-30:
No changes

Level 31-50:
5 Minutes: 12,000 Silver (up from 7,500)
40 Minutes: 1 Greater Arcane Potion (up from 1 Lesser Arcane Potion)
90 Minutes: 30,000 Silver (up from 20,000)

Level 50+:
5 Minutes: 20,000 Silver
40 Minutes: 2 Greater Arcane Potions
90 Minutes: 55,000 Silver

We think this is a great move by Plarium and will certainly make these rewards more worthwhile. We understand there is a lot of over tweaks that are needed to improve the game, however, just looking at these rewards what do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.

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2 years ago

As i am not a beginner i welcome these changes, its great to get a bit more. However i still dont think its that much, i’d rather have seen for the last tier 50k and 100k for the silver, i like the arcane potions. 50k and 100k isn’t that much, its 5-6 tries from artifact lvl 12 to 13. You can easily spent the 75k on just to do the daily 4 artifact upgrade reward. But im still happy to get a bit more

2 years ago

Wow! Did you see the new update today? 7June21? Now you can keep saved TEAMS, delegate what skill they use and what order! Now you dont have to do manual mode all the time! Major upgrade to the game :)

2 years ago
Reply to  Ubernoob

Added note, TEAMS option found in Arena. Will need to check other areas to see if it is global or only in arena.