Published On: December 19, 2021
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What is a one key clan boss team in Raid Shadow Legends?

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Many players, content creators, and clan boss connoisseurs throw about the term “one key team” in Raid Shadow Legends clan boss, but what does this actually mean?

The clan boss in Raid Shadow Legends is the current pinnacle for clan activity, pitting your best team of champions alongside your clanmates to bring down a daily boss. The clan boss is by far the best way to pick up shards and books for upgrades in Raid Shadow Legends, however, this boss also comes at a cost. With such a high HP pool and high requirement for damage, the clan boss can become very time-consuming for your daily routine in the game. Many late-game and unkillable teams can take 20-30mins+ per run to achieve their damage potential, so seeking the converted “one key team” is the goal for many players as they progress their accounts.

So, what is a one-key team?

During any 24 hour window, the maximum number of clan boss keys that you can have available is 4. This means that per re-set you will have 4 attempts at achieving the highest possible chest from the clan boss.

A one key team does enough damage to achieve the highest possible chest whilst only consuming 1 of these keys in the process. This means that, at a high level, players can spend 1 key on Ultra Nightmare, one key on Nightmare, and if they want to put another one into brutal too to achieve the highest possible chance of receiving books and shards each daily reset.

What are the damage requirements per key to achieve a one-key?

Easy: 1.11 million damage
Normal: 3.63 million damage
Hard: 11.64 million damage
Brutal: 21.69 million damage
Nightmare: 39.16 million damage
Ultra-Nightmare: 70.27 million damage

How can you build a 1 key team?

There are many different ways to achieve a 1 key team on clan boss, however, the most used team tends to be the unkillable comp. This team will not be killable by the clan boss until it reaches its 50th turn, meaning you have 50 turns to deal enough damage to 1 key the clan boss. Unkillable comps are usually made up of one or 2 Maneaters as he is able to place AOE Unkillable buff on all of your champions, however, there are also adaptions of this team that make use of the block damage skill provided by champions such as Warcaster and Tower.

More recently there have been breakthroughs in clan boss by making use of champions such as Brogni that can achieve ridiculous numbers on the clan boss by scaling shields to keep your team alive.

There is a wide selection of teams that can be used to achieve the one key status in Raid Shadow Legends and depending on your roster you will be able to find one that suits your account.

The main thing to keep in mind is that one key clan boss on ultra nightmare is reserved for end game players and the gear required to achieve the speeds and damage synergy required can take a very long time to acquire.

What are your favorite teams to use in clan boss and what team would you say is the easiest to one-key with? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 years ago

HH I have a question for you. I have been playing about a year and I have noticed what I think is a glitch in CB. When you have a poison champ that puts more than 6 poisons the damage is not calculated. I have reported this to Plarium and they do nothing. I have sent screenshots and everything. NM and UNM CB will show you 50k dmg scrolling when it does the dmg. However, it will never show you more than 6X 50k. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed it or have you noticed it? It is a huge dmg loss for unkillable teams and any team that can last a long time with extending poisons.

2 years ago

Yesterday, the runs against the nm bdc constantly crashed after 190M or more
Is there a limit for the boss?
I stop at 100M to be sure to have a result, but I would like to see as far as I can go…