Published On: June 21, 2021
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Plarium have just dropped this week’s tournaments. There’s a 3v3 tag team tournament, the first ever. A Dragon tournament with a 2x drop rate for Lifesteal Artifacts and there’s also a Champion training event!


3v3 Tag team Tournament

This is the first time we have seen a 3v3 tournament and this should reasonable simple for most players. To top it off, the highest reward is a legendary tome! Make sure you only take easy fights don’t go and try and take on a difficult opponent. Set your 3v3 defence to just level 1 champions (ideally 4 on each team to help everyone out on that 500 3v3 champion mission!). Remember you can fight 20 3v3 battles without spending any resources and the first 3v3 refresh for 15 gems is a good buy. For all the bronze players you need to take your 20 free battles and another refill a day in order to get the top rewards. This is achievable! As for players in higher tiers this should be easily acquirable as you’ll get better points for each win.

100 energy
100k silver
200 energy
2x 3* chickens
40x gems
2x ancient shards
1x legendary skill tome

Plus if you place in the top 2 of your tournament you’ll get another void shard and legendary relentless gear!


Dragon Tournament

There are 2 notable differences with this tournament. Firstly – there will be a x2 frenzy for Lifesteal Artifacts This will be very good for early and mid game players to help them progress further in clan boss when you are not running an unkillable style team or to help your progress through the game. Secondly – to earn tournament points you will need a team comprised solely from the Gaellean Pact Alliance factions. These consist of Ogryn Tribes, Lizardmen, Skinwalkers and Orcs. This will be difficult if you are early but if you have managed to pull some of these champions from the factions listed above then this is a good way to get some lifesteal gear to help with your clan boss.

200 Energy
150k Silver
25 Gems
1 Ancient Shard
3 day XP boost
1 4 Star Chicken
1 Void Shard

Important: You can still get the x2 Lifesteal even with a team from other factions – you just wont earn tournament points!


Champion Training Tournament

This is a standard training tournament with some better rewards to claim. The usual levelling and upgrading champions plus ascending rules apply. This has been presented as a good opportunity for earning voids and whilst you can easily achieve 1 Void shard expect there to be a challenge to come 1st-3rd for additonal. 7500 points are needed to get the void shard! Its well worth your time if you have food to burn but remember: training events and tournaments are always included in fusions and we expect another will coming in a few weeks.


150k silver
1x rare skill tome
10x brews
40x gems
10x Corehammer’s
1x ancient shard
1x void shard

Plus if you place in the top 3 of your bracket you’ll get another void shard or 2!


Thats a busy start to your raiding week! If you are unsure on which champions to feed or not whilst you’re leveling up check the video here. This will give you some indication.

Good Luck to all of you in your tournaments and I hope you get your rewards! Let us know in the comments what you think of the tournaments!

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