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Published On: May 24, 2021
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The only artifacts you need in Raid: Shadow Legends!

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Before we start please remember stats over sets everyday of the week but if you happen to get a couple of great stats on the same set then it’s an added bonus. The only real exception you could have is lifesteal sets for Clan Boss or Shield sets.


Early game sets:

1. Speed Set – Speed is king therefore speed sets grant you more speed when you get the set bonus. If you are early go into the campaign stage 6 then farm up trying to get 5* gear.

2. Lifesteal Set – This will be used right the way through the Clan Boss. This set is more seen as a top up until your masteries start to kick in and you do more damage allowing you to lifesteal more.

3. Accuracy set – This set helps you to land debuffs on the enemies. This is essential when you have a debuff that you need to land to complete the dungeon.

4. Shield Set – It gives you +30% HP as a shield for your whole team. This is huge because if you place it on a champion who has high HP then your whole team receives a massive shield at the start of the round.


Mid Game sets:

5. Perception Set – +40 ACC +5% speed. Wow this is one of the best sets in the game. It is a straight upgrade from the accuracy sets and your team will benefit a lot from this gear.

6. Stun Gear – Any champion with an AOE attack (attacks all enemies) will benefit from the stun gear as it controls mobs so well. If you rock up to a dungeon wave and can stun the whole wave so you don’t get attacked back then why wouldn’t you use this gear set? You also don’t need accuracy to land this stun so you cannot change the % of this gear set.

7. Cruel set – This set ignores 5% of enemies defence for each set and you can have up to 3. This set is very good for ATK based nuker champions.

8. Immortal gear – This is just a straight upgrade on life gear as you can get a small heal every turn.


Late Game sets:

9. Savage Gear – These are the end game artifacts that you will be farming for. Ignoring 25% of enemy defence is HUGE!

10. Immunity set – For the first 2 turns you cannot be debuffed. This can be huge in Arena! The only issue is any buff remover can cleanse the immunity set off and you have a pointless artifact set which could be replaced by savage for example.

11. Swift Parry – This is the set of all sets! It is very hard to come by due to the fact that the materials needed to forge it are very rare and only drop from events at a low drop rate! The set has increase speed, increase crit damage and a 50% chance to have an unkillable buff when struck with a fatal hit.

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