Cupidus got the buff he deserves?!

Published On: July 19, 2022

Cupidus got the buff he deserves?!

He went from Vault guardian to God! On a side note, Venus also got a buff which is great due to them directly benefiting each other. She now has more of a chance to place HP Burn which makes her more viable.

Cupidus got his own buff as well to be an AOE Burn, not a random hit! This is so much better because it was just so inconsistent, His a2 is now is an AOE HP Burn which is massive if you think about it because this change, he could have attacked the same person 3 times and wasted all his HP Burn potential so now they all get burned! He also got his multipliers increased which we will see shortly how good they really are!

He also got his Passive changed when he’s partnered with Venus as now, he’ll inflict 25% more damage whereas before they had to be under debuffs but now he just smacks them for fun! Also, he now always Counterattacks when he is attacked when Venus is on the same team, so this is huge as it will greatly increase the damage output potential! This has no cooldown either so he will literally smack people around like crazy!

Damage Numbers

Saphyrra from HH Gaming has had a look at the numbers and here we go:

His a2 is now an AOE Nuke rather than a couple of random hits. His a2 now comes in as the 7th hardest-hitting ability in the game (and this is without Venus and her 25% damage buff). With Venus’s damage buff he gets the 4th highest damage spot in the game which is actually nuts! What a buff this is! He sits just behind Trunda which is something we never thought we’d say!

His a1 is the 12th hardest Nuke in the game so with this counterattack plus the damage buff which puts it up to the 7-8th spot in the damage charts! INSANE!

Testing Cupidus

To put him to the test in the arena HH placed Cupidus in a go second team as this allows all the Reaction Sets to wear off and Cupidus to do the most damage! The team is Yoshi, which is a weird one, and Venus because we need her for the synergy to get Cupidus doing the damage. Then we have Nekhret who is just such a good champion in the arena and allows us to play this style of team. Then lastly we have the main attraction and the real deal Cupidus! He is such a monster in this team comp and will do crazy amounts of damage to push you up into the higher ends of the arena!

When Hellhades’ did his Maximum Damage Test, Cupidus was hitting for up to 400,000 AOE hits across the board, and over 800k single target with his A3!

What do you think of the buff changes to Cupidus let us know in the comments below.

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    Was this written under the influence?

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