Published On: August 21, 2021

Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Shadowkin


The Shadowkin hail from the far reaches of the Eastern Continent, beyond the Brimstone Path. Under the brutal hell of the Demonspawn for the past five centuries, only recently have they cast off Siroth’s yoke and re-joined the larger world. Years bent to evil purpose have left a darkness about them, and their fight to regain their lost honour has only just begun.

Jintoro: Has the potential to be one of the highest hitting champions in the game, but it’s behind a wall. Great in Clan Boss where he can get the use out of this ability, plus he has Decrease Defence and Weaken.

Lady Kimi: This lady is all about Turn Meter manipulation. Increase speed, Increase accuracy and Block buffs on her A3. Decrease Speed and Decrease Accuracy on her A2. Very nice Champion.

Ninja: Limited champion that is a wave control God by day, boss damage God by night. His instant damage from HP Burns is a rare ability, he also has an AOE freeze on his A3 and he’s one of the best possible damage dealers for Clan Boss. Not only that, against bosses he acts differently and smacks them instead.

Yoshi the Drunkard: Has a nice Increase Attack and Increase Accuracy Buff on his A3, great in Arena as a setup Champion.

Nobel:  I’m not impressed by this Champion. His kit revolves around Fear and True Fear, but he only places it himself if his passive is activated. This is weak. However, pair him with an AOE fear Champion like Ma’Shallad he becomes an insane crowd control Champion.

Genzin:  He hits hard and has a nice Decrease Defence on his A2. He is nothing special, however, he is still a fun Champion to use.

Riho Bonespear: Tons of Debuffs on her A2. A full team cleanse, Block Debuffs and a Heal on her A3. She will hard carry you and her Transfer Debuff Passive is insane. Overall, she is just an insane Champion


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    Misspelled genzin

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      fixed, thanks for the spot

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