Published On: January 11, 2022
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January 2022 Champion Rebalance

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Plarium dropped some information today about the upcoming 5.10 patch – which will include some Champion Rebalancing, while it is a very small amount it is nice to see that Plarium is putting some changes in – although most of these seem rather unimpactful.

Here’s what Plarium released:

Hey everyone!
I’ve got you some news about the batch of Champions that will be rebalanced in the upcoming update.
You can find the list of the Champions along with the adjustments below. The changes are written in bold.

1. Rotos the Lost Groom

[Vitality Plunder] Attacks 1 enemy. Decreases the target’s MAX HP by 20%, then adds that HP to this Champion’s own MAX HP.

[Cannot decrease a single Champion’s MAX HP by more than 60% in one Battle. Cannot increase this Champion’s MAX HP by more than 60,000. Decreases the MAX HP of Bosses by 30% of the damage inflicted instead. This Champion’s MAX HP will be increased by 15,000 when this Skill is used against Bosses.]

2. Skull Lord Var-Gall

[Abyssal Clutch] CD decreased from 5 to 4 turns.

[Horrific Foe [P]] When attacked, decreases the attacker’s MAX HP by 5%. Decreases the MAX HP of Bosses by 2.5% instead. Cannot decrease a single enemy’s MAX HP by more than 50%. Occurs once per enemy attack.

Has a 50% chance of placing a <color=#1ee600>[True Fear]</color> debuff on targets whose MAX HP has been decreased by 20% or more.

3. Bloodgorged
Base SPD increased from 90 to 98.

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