Published On: August 8, 2023
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New Stag Knight Skin! JonTron Colab!


Plarium announced late last night that they have partnered up with YouTube Content Creator, JonTron for an exclusive Skin for Stag Knight, one of the best, most used Epic Champions in Raid Shadow Legends.

This Skin will be available in-game through Tournaments for older players over the next week, and through Promo-Code (Along with Stag Knight himself) for brand-new players!

Events like these are amazing, and we love to see it, involving outside Content Creators in a push to bring more traction to RAID Shadow Legends.

Plarium Announcement:

Get your hands on the Iconic Gilded Glider Stag Knight Skin, designed in collaboration with YouTuber and content creator JonTron, by taking part in three special Turn Attack Tournaments between August 7 and August 17!

The following three Tournaments will have the Iconic Gilded Glider Stag Knight Skin as the last milestone reward for players of all levels. Here’s the schedule:

  • The Spider Turn Attack Tournament will be held from 20:30 UTC, Monday, August 7, to 20:30 UTC, Wednesday, August 9.
  • The Dragon Turn Attack Tournament will be held from 11:00 UTC, Friday, August 11, to 11:00 UTC, Sunday, August 13.
  • The Ice Golem Turn Attack Tournament will be held from 11:00 UTC, Tuesday, August 15, to 11:00 UTC, Thursday, August 17.

Note that if you get the Iconic Gilded Glider Stag Knight Skin in one of the Tournaments, the next Tournament will contain standard rewards.

Clear the Dungeons in as few turns as possible, and get your hands on this amazing new Skin!

Also, for a short time only from 21:00 UTC, Monday, August 7 to 8:00 UTC, Friday, August 11, we’re launching a Guaranteed Champion Event to give you a shot at getting Stag Knight.

The rules are simple:

  • Summon Champions using Ancient Shards while the Guaranteed Champion Event is active, and you’re guaranteed to get Stag Knight by your 25th Shard. That’s it – simple!

Guaranteed Champion Events are tracked individually for each player, so if you do happen to summon Stag Knight from any type of Shard before your 25th Ancient Shard, your Guaranteed Champion Event will end.

In addition, summoning Stag Knight on your 25th Shard won’t reset your Mercy System counters.

Good luck and happy raiding!

Gilded Glider Stag Knight Skin:

Stag Knight Skin

New Player Promo Code:

Brand new players will be able to get their hands on Stag Knight AND his new Skin for FREE from this partnership, by simply entering the promo code: JTSKIN 

This usually only applies to accounts younger than 72 hours old, and we assume the same rule will apply to this one!

Stag Knight Skin
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