Top 10 Rare Force Champions
Published On: July 5, 2024
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Top 10 Rare Force Champions

Whether you need an early-game team to tackle the Raid: Shadow Legends Magic Potion Keep, or just get you through some Magic Affinity Dungeon runs, these top 10 Force Champions will do the job!

Some of these Champions are also worth keeping hold of and upgrading. Heiress, for example, will be useful even in Doom Tower in the late-game. She’s also farmable from the Campaign. You’ll need to fully Ascend a Force Champion to complete one of the Arbiter Missions, so it makes sense to invest in a Champion you can get use out of, and get easily.

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Arguably one of the best Rares you can get (and she’s farmable), Heiress can still be useful against late-game Clan Boss. This is mainly due to her A2 Skill, which clears a random Debuff off all allies with a chance to Buff them with [Increase SPD].


Another Champion you can get from the Campaign, Warmaiden has a unique strength thanks to her A3 Skill. This can attack all enemies while also having a chance to place a 60% [Decrease DEF] Debuff on all targets. She’s one of the few Rare Champions in the game with an AoE [Decrease DEF] Debuff.


Ironclad’s usefulness comes from his Passive Skill. When Ironclad is healed, he will attack all enemies. What’s more, his dealt damage will be equal to 50% of any excess healing amount. This means the more you can heal him, the more damage he will deal. Team him up with mega healers like Sethallia and enjoy!


Ogryn Jailor has honed his single target damage after years of bashing inmates. He may not be good at much else, but given he has some of the highest damage multipliers in the game, he’s a good budget damage-dealing option for Dragon and Ice Golem. His Buff stealing A1 and A2 Skills are useful too.


In addition to his decent Aura (which adds 25% DEF to all allies in Dungeons), Odachi has a good combination of Buffs on his A3 Skill. He can place both [Block Debuffs] and a 30% [Increase DEF] Buff with this Skill, which has a 3-turn cooldown when fully upgraded. He’s a great choice for Clan Boss teams as a result.


boughsmith flannan portrait

Proving that smithing isn’t just for Dwarves, Flannan brings some good early-game utility with his A2 Skill that can place [Increase ACC] on your team and then ally attack an enemy. This, along with his A2 that can place a [Decrease SPD] Debuff and a Turn Meter reducing A1 makes him a good budget choice for Fire Knight too.


Bogwalker is quite niche. His A1 Skill can place a 50% [Decrease ATK] Debuff, making him very useful against Clan Boss in your early game until you have better options. His Passive, which can Buff your team with [Reflect Damage] should Bogwalker receive a critical hit is also useful against Fire Knight.


Grinner will keep you smiling thanks to his A3 revive (if you have no one better), which also places a [Shield] Buff on the resurrected Champion. He has some utility for early-game Dungeons like Ice Golem and Dragon too, and has a chance to remove a single Buff from all enemies with his all-enemy A2 attack.

Steel Bowyer

Steel Bowyer may not be the Spider-slaying beast she used to be, but her A3 Skill that attacks all enemies and damages based on enemy Max HP is still decent. As a result, she can be good for your early-game Spider teams and as a wave damage dealer in Faction Wars.

Hound Spawn

Hound Spawn has a lot of latent potential – his A3 Skill can hit all enemies, but if fellow dog bestie Hellfang is on the same team, and the targets are under the [Freeze] Debuff, this attack will also ignore DEF and [Block Buffs]. With the right setup, this can do some big damage. This makes him a good choice for Faction Wars.

If you’re looking for more info on any Rare Champions you’ve picked up during the game, check out our Raid Champion Tier List to see how and where they’ll be most effective.

Which of these champions do you have? Which of these Champions carried your early game? Let us know in the comments!

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