Call of the Arbiter Episode 1
Published On: May 19, 2023

Call of the Arbiter – Recap Episode 1 SPOILER WARNING


Join us as we recap the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 1, as we go on an adventure with Galek!

If you haven’t watched it already, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch it before reading further!

Episode 1 Recap

This episode starts with Arbiter, she’s sending out her call to Galek hoping he answers, we flash to Galek who is at the head of an orc army reclaiming ‘their land’ from its human inhabitants. 

The town is on fire, orcs slaughtering every man woman and child in sight with Galek and Artak Leading the siege, Galek watches the destruction solemnly seeming disturbed by the violence and inhumanity of it all. 

Whilst wondering the town, Galek finds a small wooden horse toy next to a dead child, he picks up the toy and turns it over in his hand a look of regret on his face, he turns around and sees Arbiter encased in a blue light, floating above him, she speaks to him saying: “Galek, this is not who you are, make your choice” and then disappears into thin air. 

Call of the Arbiter Episode 1

Galek catches up with his Dad, Artak, who says all they are doing is reclaiming the land that is rightfully theirs, “whatever it takes”. Artak motions towards the prisoners, a couple and their infant child, they’re on the floor begging for their lives explaining they are only farmers, Artak explains that this man led the human resistance and was responsible for the death of hundreds of orcs, and his ancestors millions, Artak brutally executes him in front of his wife and child and throws his body to the wife who screams in pain at her loss.

Galek watches this happening with a look of disgust. Artak grabs the woman dragging her and her child along and claims that they too need to stand trial for their crimes, he gives the job of execution to Galek who looks disturbed by this, the woman and baby start crying and look up and Galek pleadingly, Galek swings his axe, killing 2 orcs, Artak asks Galek what he is doing and galek responds “making a choice”. 

Call of the Arbiter Episode 1

Galek scoops up the woman and child, defying his father and begins to escape on the rooftops dodging arrows being shot by the orc army.

Galek gets hit and falls from the rooftop to the floor, between the woman and Galek they cushion the baby during the fall, once Galek recovers he sees that the woman is shot and has received blunt force trauma from the fall, she is surrounded by a puddle of blood and with her last breath begs Galek to save her child. 

Call of the Arbiter Episode 1

Galek picks up the child and continues to flee over the rooftops, the town burning in the background, he makes it to the docks and to a boat, he places the child down safely in the boat when Artak arrives and asks him if he has really done all of this for a human child and proclaims that he is no longer his son.  

Galek and his dad have an epic showdown of strength and will and Galek successfully knocks his dad down.

He clambers into the boat and unties it, pushing the boat away from the docks, suddenly Artak grabs the boat with one hand and the tethering rope with another, Galek attempts to force Artak’s grip to release by stomping on his hand, but Artak manages to cling on and calls Galek weak, Galek responds to this comment by cutting off his own fathers arm, think star wars reversed, and whilst Artak is in the water shouting in pain, Galek and the child sail off into the distance, the baby starts to cry and Galek gives them the wooden horse he found at the beginning to cheer the child up.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 1

We flash forward now to a snowy scene and a large religious-looking building on top of a floating star, Galek nestles the child on the doorstep and tucks the wooden horse into the blankets, he then knocks on the door and leaves.

By the time the door is opened, Galek is nowhere to be seen and a woman with a large scar across her face wearing robes and a chainmail headpiece… Who bares a striking resemblance to Godseeker Aniri, picks up the child and takes them into the warm, closing a large wooden door with the emblem of the Sacred Order marking it.

Call of the Arbiter Episode 1

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  1. Ughbash May 20, 2023 at 1:03 am

    Recap: Orc “hero” leaves woman to die and kidnaps her baby, then later abandons baby too.

  2. gahds gift May 20, 2023 at 2:44 am

    When I watched the episode I missed the scar on her face. I assumed it was sister militant, but now looking at the scar it definitely matches up with godseeker aniri. Interested to see if they expand on that and confirm it’s her.

    • LordLoveMuscle May 20, 2023 at 1:18 pm

      Yes the nun is definitely Godseeker and I’m hoping the baby becomes Cardiel….

  3. LordLoveMuscle May 20, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    Absolutely loved it! I wish the episodes were longer but I thought it was a great intro into the world of Teleria!

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