Published On: May 12, 2023
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Why you should watch Call of the Arbiter


With the release of Call of the Arbiter quickly approaching, we’re going to dive into exactly WHY you should watch the weekly episodes as they come out.

Aside from the fact that it’s really cool to see RAID going in a different direction with an animated series, putting their incredible artwork to the test in a way that they never have before, which could really grow the game audience and potential of the future, the series will reap rewards for the player base as it’s released.

Below you can see the Official Trailer #2 Plarium released yesterday to build suspense!

Call of the Arbiter – What is it?

RAID: Call of the Arbiter is an animated series with 10 episodes, each lasting 5 minutes. It features familiar characters from RAID: Shadow Legends and introduces new ones. The series is set to be released weekly on the RAID Shadow Legends YouTube channel, accessible to all, with the first episode releasing on the 18th of May.

In the storyline, the Arbiter, an ancient guardian, summons champions to help them find a way back to our world. They must unite, overcome their differences, and collaborate to defeat the darkness. Will they answer the Arbiter’s call? Watch the series to discover!

Call of the Arbiter 7.10

Call of the Arbiter – How to watch it

The RAID Animated Series will be available to watch in two places, either directly in-game by following the “Call of the Arbiter” icon in the bottom left of the Bastion, which will lead you to a landing page for all things Call of the Arbiter – this will award you with rewards for watching and sharing each episode.

The other way to watch Call of the Arbiter will be through the Official YouTube Channel, which will give the whole community rewards for specific Viewership Milestones.

Episode One is already scheduled on YouTube for you to set notifications.

Call of the Arbiter In-Game

Call of the Arbiter Lore

The Call of the Arbiter series will enhance and develop the Lore of Raid Shadow Legends in an exciting new way, bringing stories of the Champions that we’ve grown to love over the years to “life”, which will be translated into the new in-game lore section.

We will learn more about existing Champions on top of learning about brand new Champions, over the 10 episodes, which if successful could stretch out to be more in the future!

You can read more about the new Lore Pages in our Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek Overview.

Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek Lore

Call of the Arbiter Promo Codes

Plarium revealed in the Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek that EVERY single Episode of Call of the Arbiter will have a hidden Promo Code within it, which will reward players who find it with free in-game rewards.

The exact contents of the Promo Codes aren’t confirmed yet, however, it was hinted that they will contain some of the new Artifact Set: Righteous, which is a 2-piece set that will grant Champions with Speed and Resistance, but these Promo Codes may have more to offer. We will have to wait and see!

As always, we will report on any new Promo Codes as and when the information is out!

Patch 7.10 Call of the Arbiter Sneak Peek artifact set

Call of the Arbiter Login Champion

That’s right, we’re getting a FREE Call of the Arbiter Login Champion, for FREE, much like the previous events we’ve had for various Legendary Champions – where logging into the game for 7 days during the event time period, will grant us artifacts and eventually a Legendary Champion!

We’ve previously had events for:

The above links will take you to the pages for their corresponding events to see how they worked!

We don’t know much about this Champion yet, other than they will be a Character from the Series itself, so keep an eye out for more information as the release gets closer!

Patch 7.10 Sneak Peek Call of the Arbiter free legendary

We are INCREDIBLY excited for this, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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1 year ago

I will 100% be watching Call of the Arbiter! I love lore and back story with things like this because it adds so more content to the characters and really fleshes them out! Which makes playing the game that much more enjoyable. Playing the game in the state that it was in 2019 was was very fragmented and didn’t do a good job of explaining much about the world of Teleria and wars within it. Super excited for this series!

1 year ago

Most game should have a series or movie .. league of legend , arcane , did very well , im hyped for this one as well , hoping the do something that can also please the non raid players . Rewards are just a bonus to me ..

Tim Zuck
Tim Zuck
1 year ago

I’m excited, being new here…..would love background stories, adds to flavor of the game.

1 year ago

Calling it now, it looks like Galek’s father Artak might be the free lego. The axe and armor git the profile.