Published On: June 17, 2021
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Every Knights Revenant epic reviewed in two lines or fewer!

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Here we are at Arthur’s round table! Every Knights Revenant epic reviewed in two lines or under!


Crypt Witch: Needs a buff. Next.

Pitiless One: Recently buffed, needs another one still terrible.

Necrohunter: Not good enough.

Miscreated Monster: One of the best epics in the game. Great support champion. Great for protection with his huge shield and an Ally Protection that places a fear on the attackers.

Sinesha: Like her sister, she is the co queen of the Blender. Great for general content with her nuke of an A2 and her HP balance A3.

Doompreist: Great support champion. Her value has gone up since Doom Tower was released as she clears off a random debuff on all allies at the start of every one of her turns.

Sepulcher Sentinal: A1 decrease attack, A2 increase defence, and block debuffs. She is top tier in Clan Boss.

Rector Drath: One of the best defensive support champions in the game. Need I say more?

Deathless: Hits hard. Is very good in Faction Wars as this Faction is lacking hard-hitting nukers.

Kytis: The lower his HP is the harder he hits. But, you never want your champions to have low HP so he never hits hard!

Bergoth the Malformed: Average.

Pestilus: Leech, HP burn but overall he is average.

Faceless: Ignores defence so he hits extremely hard. Good for Faction Wars.

Skullcrown: Like her sister, she is the co queen of the Blender. But she is the real nuke of the two.

Golden Reaper: OK speed lead but she is no better than High Katun.

Whisper: Can snowball her A3 but it is very niche and situational.

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2 years ago

Deathless is good as campaign farmer if you don’t have any better champion. Great spirit nuker, and very hard to kill if built with high defense.