New Harmony Blessings for Raid: Shadow Legends
Published On: May 29, 2024
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New Harmony Blessings!

Plarium has confirmed that they’ll be adding new Harmony Blessings to the game in update 8.60!

These new Blessings will be part of a brand new Harmony tree, focusing on providing players with new choices for Champion Roles and additional versatility for different PvP and PvE content.

Check out the full announcement from Plarium here:

Plarium Harmony Blessings Announcement

“Hi folks! Today we are excited to announce a highly anticipated new Blessing’s Divinity: Harmony!

It will become available in the game as of update 8.60. While creating the new Divinity, our main goal was to expand the existing pool of Blessings with more possibilities, enrich the gameplay, and make it more versatile.

You will notice, that Harmony offers brand new choices for the Champion roles and gaming scenarios Blessings simply haven’t covered before – like helping Rare Champions to be more useful in Cursed City (the type of content where they generally struggled before), or empowering Champions with Continuous Heals buffs to compete with regular “Healers”.

Our brand new Epic Blessings also bring more options to the table for both PvP and PvE content: your Damage Dealer can land Debuffs, but you don’t want to lose offensive stats in favor of ACC? Check out Nature’s Wrath Blessing. You’ve had it with Poison Cloud and countless failed Provokes? Neutralize Blessing comes to your rescue! And lastly, Harmony’s Legendary Blessings were created with PvP content in mind, helping your Damage Dealing Champions to tackle opponents under Stone Skin or stand your ground against Fear debuffs.

We hope you will have a lot of fun trying them out!”

New Harmony Blessings Breakdown

Here’s an overview of the new Blessings that are coming with update 8.60:

Nature’s Bounty (Rare)

Nature's Bounty Rare Harmony Blessing

This Blessing will convert the lesser version of debuffs that have a greater or lesser version (such as [Decrease ATK]). Most Legendaries and many Epic Champions generally have the larger version, and in most cases, you’ll prefer to bring Champions in your teams that always place the higher version. There are many Rare Champions that you may be forced to use, however, that don’t carry the larger version.

This Blessing can convert some of the weaker abilities into the bigger version, meaning weaker Champions should significantly increase in power in the game. Champions such as Bellower, Ifrit, and Flannan are just some examples that could now be considered potentially viable in later stages of the game.

You will want to lean towards the higher awakening levels, but even at low levels this Blessing looks to be a great addition to the game.

Nourish (Rare)

Nourish Blessing

This blessing is the first to improve the efficiency of our Healers in Raid: Shadow Legends. Whilst Miracle Heal would restore destroyed Maximum HP it did not increase the actual healing output. Unfortunately, this blessing only applies to [Continuous Heal]  buffs making it quite niche to those Champions capable of placing the buff.

The quality of the heal bonus is not substantial, in that it only increases a percentage of the 15% – making a 6-Star blessing increase the buff from 15% to 19.5%. That being said, for Champions that don’t have high value blessings in other divinities, this may be the scenario in which it is better than anything currently on offer.

The restoration of the MAX HP depends more upon how it is calculated. Currently there is the Curing Artifact Set and Miracle Heal Blessing that restores Maximum HP that has been destroyed. The prime difference is that Curing will restore based on the total bonus heal whilst Miracle Heal only restores on the percentage of heal value of the missing health on the champion.

This means that Miracle Heal restores nothing if your ally was on full HP. If this blessing works more like Curing then its strength significantly improves because it offers a strong counter to Hydra mechanics (you can find more on beating Hydra in our Hydra Guide), however if it is more like Miracle Heal then it could potentially be no more value than Miracle Heal. We will await to see how the blessing is implemented in game.

Neutralize (Epic)

The only place in the game that you currently face [Poison Cloud] is in Hydra making this Blessing exclusively viable for Champions you dedicate to this content area. Poison Cloud converts all your attacks into weak hits, often disabling your ability to place debuffs such as [Provoke], [Block Buffs] or [Decrease Attack]. Players normally either block the buff using [Block Buff] prior to it being placed on Hydra heads or they use a [HP Burn] which disables the effect of the buff. However only a few champions in the game are capable of placing [HP Burn] without first attacking making Poison Cloud a significant risk to your teams.

This blessing realistically is only viable at the 5 and 6 star because it is not going to give you enough consistency at lower ratings to find true value. However if you were to pair this alongside an Affinity Breaker Artifact Set (which has a 50% chance to convert a Weak Hit into a Critical Hit) then you could significantly improve your chances to counter this powerful buff. It’s worth noting that this blessing and the Affinity Breaker sets are not additive rather will roll separately. This means the probably chance to not weak hit with this 5 star and affinity breaker set is 70% chance, increasing to 80% Chance at 6 star

We recommend considering this blessing for hydra focussed champions with [HP Burn], [Provoke], and [Block Buff] with specific value for Burners who can disable the Poison Cloud effect for other champions who would not wear this blessing or the artifact sets.

Nature’s Wrath (Epic)

The current best damage Blessings for Champions dealing direct damage Crushing Rend (At 6 star), Phantom Touch and Heavencast. There are other Blessings including Brimstone and Soul Reap that output additional damage but do not directly increase the ability damage of our champions. This Blessing could become the second best (potentially the best if a Champion does not require the ignore defence from Crushing Rend) Blessing to boost our Champions damage.

The key difference between Heavencast and Nature’s Wrath is that the damage gain for this Blessing is a permanent increase in the same round after placing a debuff. In the case of Heavencast it is calculated based on buffs at the time of dealing damage. This means you have to work significantly more to ensure that buffs remain active compared to Nature’s wrath. Additionally, you are not required to place many debuffs and in almost any multi-enemy situation you will likely achieve the maximum potential with any All Enemy buff placement.

Our team will need to do some extensive testing and evaluating the four options across all the different content areas but our initial read on this Blessing is that it is a welcome addition for Champions who can place a debuff and are built to deal damage.

Cracking Roots (Legendary)

Cracking Roots Legendary Harmony Blessing

Of all the new Blessings announced, this one seems to be the weakest addition. Much like Shield Breaker mastery (that increases damage to shields) it only applies in the presence of Stoneskin meaning once the Stoneskin buff has been removed it no longer adds any value. There are currently four options to counter Stoneskin:

  1. Buff Removal – Unlike most buffs, Stoneskin has a 50% chance to deny a buff removal opportunity in addition to the usual Accuracy vs Resistance checks. Additionally, you run the risk of activating Polymorph denying the opportunity. This is generally considered the worst solution and avoided in most cases.
  2. HP Burn – Recently added, Stoneskin will no longer cleanse a HP Burn and instead will take 400% more damage from HP Burns. This can be paired with the Incinerate Blessing to increase the Burn a further 500%. Whilst Polymorph is still a major risk- this will guarantee a Stoneskin shield is removed immediately on activation.
  3. Bombs – Based on your champions ATK value at placement, this debuff will also deal 300% more damage to a Stoneskin. This means a well built bomb champion will not only remove stoneskin but also defeat the champion at the same time. The usual Polymorph risks remain and in addition, Marichka will place Block Damage if her allies receive a Bomb Debuff making this potentially counterable.
  4. Wait it out – This means waiting for the 1 or 2 turns of the buff to expire. It cannot be extended therefore this is a survive strategy to then defeat the enemy wearing the buff.

Cracking roots presents a new method for countering Stoneskin but considering the maximum benefit is 100% at Rank 6 it begs the question if the increase is a more viable strategy than the four above. The damage ramp up is quite weak until at least 5-Star Awakening meaning you are sacrificing other powerful blessings such as Polymorph or Life Harvest (check out our full blessing tier list here) for a weaker multiplication of your damage that would also no longer apply the moment the Stoneskin buff is removed. Another additional factor is how the damage bonus is calculated. If it is indeed like the Shield Breaker mastery then the bonus damage will only apply to the quantity of damage required to remove the shield. As such, it isn’t an overall 100% damage boost rather just a 100% damage boost to the amount you need to remove the buff.

We will require time to fully test this blessing but our initial impression is to avoid this one!

Harmonic Impulse (Legendary)

Harmonic Impulse Legendary Harmonic Blessing

Much like Neutralise, this Blessing is primarily designed as a solution for the Torment Head in Hydra. This boss places a [True Fear] debuff on any of your champions who attack the head without [Perfect Veil] and it is one of the worst issues to face in this boss! Unlike [Fear] the True Fear version will also put your attempted skill on Cooldown if it activates ( a 50% chance), meaning your essential [Provoke] or [Block Buffs] do not place and you lose access for the duration of the skill cooldowns.

This Blessing provides a solution which at 5 and 6 Star becomes considerably more valuable. It essentially combines the power of Ankora’s passive with the Refresh Accessory set ensuring even if True Fear activates, you only experience it as a normal Fear and you gain significant turn meter. Most players will want to bring a solution for the Torment Head but if you do not have one then this potentially could be a good (albeit inconsistent) counter to ensure you keep your team alive.

We strongly believe however this only really adds good value at 5 Star or above. The skill cooldown reduction and the low turn meter does not warrant the addition over other blessings that improve damage or provide team utility at lower stars. Additionally, abilities that are on a 3 turn cooldown are not required to reach 6 star to achieve the same skill cooldown effect. That is because reducing a 3 turn cooldown by 2 will allow your champion to use that skill on their next turn, effectively resetting the cooldown. It is also especially valuable for champions with built-in Counter-Attacks to the torment head such as Vault Keeper Wixwell and Lydia the Deathsiren.

This blessing also has some viability outside of Hydra when facing powerful fear champions such as Taras the Fierce or Ma’shalled but considering the niche nature of fear and the amount you will face, it is far better to bring champions who can remove it or block it in content areas outside of Hydra (you cannot block it or resist the fears in Hydra).

Overall, our take is that these new Harmony Blessings are a step in the right direction. They add value for content areas like Hydra and the Arena, and it’s great to see Rares get some tools to make them worth picking for the late-game.

Checkout HellHades breakdown of the new Blessings in the video below, too.

What do you think of these new Blessings? Are they what you expected, and will you be using them?

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Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher
1 month ago

did we ever get a confirmation if Natures Bounty works with poison sensitivity?
My clan boss team uses a frozen banshee whos awakened to 5star and im hoping it may increase my damage significantly

25 days ago
Reply to  Michael Fisher

Any more updates regarding this? Thank you!

Lor Agon
Lor Agon
1 month ago

Will Nature’s Wrath also increase the damage dealt by the Poison debuff?

1 month ago
Reply to  Lor Agon

Only direct damage!

Lor Agon
Lor Agon
1 month ago
Reply to  Saphyrra

Thank you!