Nub Raids's Top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem
Published On: June 25, 2024
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Nub Raids’s Top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem

Planning on taking on Raid: Shadow Legend’s Ice Golem? If so, HH Gaming’s Nub Raids’s top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem (and accompanying strategy) will see you liquidating the frigid foe in no time at all.

Make sure to head over to NubRaids’s YouTube channel for more expert Raid tips, and check out our complete Ice Golem Boss Guide below for more tactics too.

Royal Guard

Royal Guard, one of Nub Raids's Top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem.

Royal Guard is one of the biggest hitters in the game, and that’s largely thanks to his A2 Skill. This Skill hits all enemies (useful for wiping out the Ice Golem adds while hitting the boss) and targets Enemy Max HP, making it hit harder the more HP the enemy has. As a result, he’s one of the main damage dealers in Nub’s team composition.



A Godlike wave clearer, Seer forms the other half of Nub’s damage dealers. Her A3 Skill allows her to deal immense damage when paired with powerful Buffers, as the more Buffs active on your team and the enemy, the harder this Skill will hit. Her A2 can also place [Weaken], which helps with survivability.


Magnarr, one of Nub Raids's Top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem.

Another solid damage-dealing option, a searing lava Demonspawn is an obvious choice to face an icy foe and Magnarr will certainly turn up the heat on Ice Golem. He works exceptionally well with any [HP Burn] focused Champion, with all his Skills built around increasing the power and duration of [HP Burn] on enemies.

Stag Knight

Stag Knight

Stag Knights’s extensive Debuff kit is great against the Ice Golem. His A2 Skill can land both [Decrease DEF] and [Decrease ATK] on the Ice Golem and his cronies, while his double hit A1 can inflict [Decrease SPD]. His Passive also helps your team land your Debuffs by giving [Increase ACC] to any ally that has a Debuff resisted.


Dhukk is another Debuff master, and like Stag Knight, can place the powerful combination of [Decrease ATK] and [Decrease DEF] on all enemies with his A2 Skill. His A1 Skill also hits twice and can invoke a [Decrease ACC] Debuff on the enemy, helping to protect you from Ice Golem’s Debuffs.

Archmage Hellmut

The blue-eyed bearded one brings a powerful collection of [Increase SPD], [Increase C. RATE], and [Increase C.DMG] Buffs to your team for Ice Golem. Not only that, his A1 Skill will reliably fill his Turn Meter, while his A2 can decrease enemy Turn Meters. This can help you control the Ice Golem’s Turn Meter effectivel for a potent advantage.


In addition to having some solid utility with her A1 and A2 Skills (which offer some Turn Meter control and [Decrease ATK] Debuffs), Ursala’s main role against Ice Golem is keeping your team alive. She’s good at it too – her A3 revives all dead Champions with 75% health, boosts their Turn Meters, and adds the [Strengthen] and [Increase DEF] Buffs!


Every time Aniri swings her glowing blue blade, she heals your team. What’s even better though, is her Guardian Angel Passive. This Skill allows her to instantly revive a Champion that’s about to take a fatal hit, placing a [Revive on Death] Buff on them. She also has a separate revive on her A3 Skill, making her an expert at keeping allies alive.


tagoar portrait

Tagoar’s A1 Skill is perfect for keeping your less tanky Champions alive during an Ice Golem fight. After hitting an enemy twice, Tagoar will also place an [Increase DEF] Buff on the Champion with the lowest HP in your team for two turns. He can also place a team [Shield] with his A3 while reviving fallen comrades.

Dark Kael

Dark Kael, one of Nub Raids's Top 10 Epic Champions for Ice Golem.

Who needs a team when you’re Dark Kael? Gear him up in Regen Artifacts and boost his RES as high as possible, and Dark Kael can disintegrate his way through Ice Golem completely alone on Stage 25. His Passive will also essentially make him immune to critical hits at this level, too.

Nub Raids’s Ice Golem Strategy

In terms of team composition, you’ll need:

  • 2 x damage dealers
  • 2 x Debuffers/Buffers
  • 1 x Healer/reviver

Any combination of the above champions in these roles should work. You could have, for example, Royal Guard and Seer as your damager dealers, Archmage Hellmut and Stag Knight as your Buffer and Debuffer, with Aniri as your support and healer.

Generally, Ice Golem Stage 20 is the most efficient to run in terms of Energy use. You’ll want Magic Affinity Champions for this Stage to maximise damage and run times too.

When clearing the first two enemy waves, it’s best to clear them fast by alternating your Debuffs and attack all enemy skills. For example, you could open with Stag Knight’s [Decrease DEF] Debuff, then follow with a damage-dealing Champion’s attack, such as Royal Guard’s A2. Repeat this approach for the next wave, with your next Debuffer/Buffer and damage-dealing pair.

When you get to the Ice Golem himself, you can let your Champs dish out the damage and Debuffs freely!

Check out Nub Raids’s video below for the complete walk through of this strategy.

What Epic Champions are you using to beat the Ice Golem? Let us know in the comments!

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