Geomancer, a Raid: Shadow Legends Legendary Epic Champion in the Savage Summon Pool Event
Published On: May 28, 2024
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Savage Summon Pool Event

Plarium has launched a Savage Summon Pool Event from May 27th to May 31st, allowing you to gain some top-tier ATK-focused Champions!

You’ll need Prism Crystals to participate in this event. Prism Crystals can be earned through the following in-game events that are running during the Savage Summon Pool:

  • Summon Rush: Earn 30 x Prism Crystals at 2,550 points
  • Champion Training: Earn 30 x Prism Crystals at 3,000 points

The most effective way of earning points is by summoning with Sacred Shards (x500 points) and upgrading Champions to Rank 6 (x300 points).

Savage Summon Pool Legendary Champions



Wallmaster Othorion Picture Profile


razelvarg portrait






Savage Summon Pool Epic Champions

Is the Savage Summon Pool Event Worth It?

This Savage Summon Pool Event is running at the same time as the Back-to-Back Progressive Summon, meaning you can quite easily use both events to build rewards. For example, you could:

  1. Use Sacred Shards in the Back-to-Back Progressive to earn Prism Crystals
  2. Train newly summoned Champions to earn Prism Crystals
  3. Use Prism Crystals to summon from the Savage Summon Pool
  4. Train new Savage Summon Pool Champions to earn more Prism Crystals
  5. Repeat all steps until the events end

There are some decent Legendary and Epic Champions on offer too. Trunda Giltmallet is a solid Champion for battering Dungeon Bosses and Doom Tower content, for example.

Geomancer is another powerful all-rounder who can crush almost anything in the right team thanks to his damage-deflect passive.

Neldor Rimeblade is a top pick for Fire Knight too.

Overall then, if you have the Sacred Shards available, and need some of the above Champions for your teams, this event might be of interest.

That said, without Sacred Shards, you’ll need to use a huge amount of lower-tier Shards, which won’t be time-effective.

The Champion Training Event will also require a large stock of Brews and/or Champions you can use to level and rank up new Champions quickly, making it more of interest to late or end-game players.

Are you taking part in this event? Which Champions are you hoping to get? Let us know in the comments!

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