Published On: June 12, 2021
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The Orc epics reviewed in two lines or fewer!

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Here we have the Orc faction looking handsome! Below is our epic reviews in two lines or fewer:


Ultimate Galek: AOE HP Burn. Great for the Spider. Has a bit of turn meter control which is great for Faction Wars. Good champion.

Dhukk the Pierced: Awesome epic! AOE decrease attack and defence on his A2. His A3 lets him down though. Overall very useful.

Old Hermit Jorrg: Good reviver for this faction. He can be your turn meter increase champion for the Arena if you have no one else.

Torturehelm: Very niche champion. Hits hard.

Zargala: Excellent epic. AOE decrease defence on her A3 and her A2 can hit very hard. She also has a weaken on her A1 and she has a great add-on to her A2. If she kills someone she will do her A3 after it. Fun champion.

Bloodfeather: Trash.

Bonekeeper: Hits hard but she is very much out for herself, all single target!

Shaman: Free champion, reviver. Can be useful in Faction Wars. That’s all.

Terrorbeast: Average. If you’re struggling with Fire Knight his reflect damage skill is nice, but still average.

Vrask: Good for some of the Doom Tower bosses, heals your team every time he hits with a crit but he doesn’t have enough healing for the Clan Boss. Good healer for your team overall.

Sandlashed Survivor: Great epic. Qne of the best go second champions for the Arena. Is also used in Clan Boss because of the increase buffs on you and decrease buffs on the enemies. She also has a passive that will let you soak up a nuke.

Seer: Build her. You know what she does. She is the best champion in the game for clearing wave content. Just build her!

Tuhak the Wanderer: Really underrated champion. Can hit hard and has crowd control in his kit. Can be very useful.

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2 years ago

Update your Vrask ratings for Scarab King, he can solo him ;) At least many of the early evels.