Mighty Soul Summon Pool - Prism Jewels
Published On: April 22, 2024
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Mighty Soul Summon Pool – Prism Jewels

The very first Soul Summon Boost has just gone live, and with it, an opportunity to pick up high-quality Souls for your Champions.

As with Prism Shards, the pool of Champions available is limited, and the currency cannot be saved up and carried over to a future event!

Along with this event, Plarium has released a free gift to give everybody enough Prism Jewels to perform one summon (50 Jewels).

Let’s check out the announcement.

Plarium Announcement:

We’re launching a brand new Event – the Soul Summon Pool, and this first event is one you don’t want to miss! Get your hands on the Perfect Souls of some of Telerials strongest Champions with the Mighty Soul Summon Pool Event, running from 09:00 UTC, Monday, April 22, until 09:00 UTC, Thursday, April 25.

During this Event, you can summon Champion Souls from a unique pool. Each Event will have its own pool that you can summon from. Champion Souls of the same Rarity have an equal chance of being summoned, while the Rank of the Soul summoned will always vary. For this Event, you’ll be able to summon Souls of some of the best warriors across all Factions!

Prism Jewels are required to summon Champion Souls from the Prism Soulstone. When a Soul Summon Pool Event ends, any remaining Prism Jewels will be used automatically and summoned Souls will be sent to your Inbox. If you do not have enough Prism Jewels to summon a Champion’s Soul at the end of an Event, you will be able to use these remaining Prism Jewels in future Soul Summon Pool Events.

You can get Prism Jewels from activities that are taking place during the Mighty Soul Summon
Pool Event.

This time, each summon will require 50 Prism Jewels.

The rewarding period will last for a day, from 09:00 UTC, Thursday, April 25, until 09:00 UTC, Friday, April 26, during which you won’t be able to access Jewel Offers, but you will be able to summon Champions Souls.

Also, to celebrate the start of this first-ever Soul Summon Pool Event, we’re giving everyone who is Level 42 or above a special Soul Summon Pool Gift. It will be available to claim while the Mighty Soul Summon Pool Event is active and contains 50 Prism Jewels.

Happy raiding!

Soul Summon Boost - Free Gift

Included Champions:

There are lots of different Champions involved, including Rares, Epics and Legendaries – there are no mythical champions featured in this pool.

Of the Legendaries, there are some very big names that are loved by the community such as:

Let us know what you think of this feature in the comments below!

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