Published On: April 26, 2024
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Best In-Game Purchases: RAID Beginners Guide

The different resources, packs, and various other In-Game Purchases available can be very overwhelming to a new player in RAID Shadow Legends, so do not feel bad if you find yourself feeling that way. RAID can also be enjoyed without the need to spend, but for when people do spend on the game, it’s important to be educated about what makes the most sense while giving you the best value. 

It is important to remember that when value is discussed, it’s in relation to the average expected cost of something in-game, not in relation to someone’s income or spending. For example, when we refer to In-Game Purchases being “good”, it’s not a buy recommendation, it’s simply a representation that it’s better than the average expected offer within RAID’s pack economy.

To start with, you’ll want to take advantage of our official HH Gaming RAID Shadow Legends Offer Pack Calculator to help you learn which In-Game Purchases grade out as best value. 

Understanding the Main Resources

  • Gems: The premium currency that can be converted into other resources.
  • Shards: Main way to add new champions to your roster via the Summoning Portal.
  • Energy: Required to play PvE content like Campaign and Dungeons.
  • Silver: Main currency for upgrading things or summoning.

There are many, many other resources, like chicken, xp brews, keys, tokens, etc, but the main universal ones are listed above.

Spending Tiers

Very observant players may notice that they seem to get different pack offers, at different prices, than what they see from friends, content creators, or screenshots posted online.

This happens because the game categorizes players to see different packs and offers based on how long they’ve been playing, how consistently they play, and most importantly, how much they spend.

It’s very common to see a pack get split into 3, or sometimes more, tiers that cost different amounts of money. This is Plarium trying to streamline offers to players that they are most likely to buy, cheaper packs to lower spenders, and larger packs to higher spenders, etc. They are usually close to having a similar ratio overall when these spending tiers occur, but not always exact.

Players can rise up into the more expensive pack category pretty quickly, but it usually takes around a month of not spending at all, or spending very little, to get reset down to the lower tier again.

Pack Types:

There are many different kinds of ways to spend in RAID Shadow Legends. Subscriptions, Limited Time Offers, Permanent Offers, and Progression Packs.


The main subscriptions that will be available all of the time are the RAID Card, and Daily Gem Pack, and Sacred Daily Pack.

The RAID Card options can be difficult to find for PC players, having to go through the Plarium Play client, but for mobile users, they will show up as a tab on the left side after opening the shop.

There are 2 options for RAID Card, Silver and Gold. Both give you the exact same thing, 20% XP and Silver bonus from Campaign battles, and +70 multi-battle attempts. The only difference between the silver and gold versions, is that the Gold version rewards you with a free month if you’re willing to in more of a chunk, as opposed to paying month-to-month. The RAID card is good value for medium to high spenders who are early in their account journey but it’s value drops off in the end-game. This is because new players tend to spend way more energy in the campaign than end-game players.

There is another permanent pack on a monthly rotation, and that is the Daily Gem Pack. This pack is extremely good value compared to almost every other common offer in RAID. It does take an entire month, it gives 2,140 Gems for $10. Comparing this to the standard permanent shop offer of 4,200 gems for $100, would mean that the daily gem pack is about 4x the value giving 214 gems per dollar, vs the base offer giving 42. If you wanted to be a low spender only buying 1 small pack every month, this would be the pack to buy.

The Sacred Daily Pack is another type of subscription type option, but it’s not as good of value as the Daily Gem Pack, or the RAID Card. Sacred Shards tend to be pretty overpriced within the pack offers, so be more wary of packs that have Sacred Shards in them as they will usually grade out worse than other packs overall.

Limited Time Offers

There will almost always be some Limited Time Offers available. Some of these show up very often, like the Mini Mix Pack type offers, ranging all the way to ones that you’ll only ever see once as a special type deal. Some of the best limited time offers that you’ll ever see are the “100% Extra Mini Mix Packs”, where it’s essentially 2 mini mix packs in 1. On average, the limited time offers will tend to be slightly better than the base value of permanent bank offers, but not always.

Permanent Offers

These tend to be more of the baseline consistent offers that are available in the main shop. In general, the purchase options in the “Packs” and “Bank” section should be avoided because they are extremely poor value compared to all other purchase options. For example, you’ll see offers in the bank section like 1 Legendary Tome for $15, whereas in a normal popup or limited time offer, it would be closer to 1 Legendary Tome for $5.

However, the Rookie Pack, which is 1 Ancient Shard for $0.99, is a decent value pack for medium spenders looking to jumpstart getting some champions early game because Ancient Shards are usually around $1 a piece no matter the pack they’re in.

Progression Packs

The 2 most common examples of a predictable “progress pack” are the Beginner Progress Pack, and the Veteran Progress Pack. Neither of these are anything super special, mostly grading out to around the baseline averages within pack calculations.

Is the Gem Mine Worth it?

For a dedicated player, the Gem Mine is absolutely worth it. It will cost 1,500 Gems to max out the gem mine, where it will generate 15 gems a day. This means after 100 days that it’s “paid for itself”, and you’re now generating 15 free gems every single day, which is 450 gems a month. Don’t buy it right away, but if you are liking RAID Shadow Legends, and feel you’re going to play for the long-haul, you’ll definitely want your gem mine maxed out if possible.

Is the Sparring Pit Worth it?

This one is way more debatable than the gem mine, and it’s certainly a way lower priority than the gem mine. Since the XP gains are pretty low, and it doesn’t auto level up champions, forcing you to go into the sparring pit and click on them, means it’s just a bit of passive XP but nothing amazing.

Final Thoughts

If you are going to spend some as a new player, go with the Daily Gem Pack, the RAID Card, the Rookie Pack for the $1 Ancient Shard, and keep an eye out for some of the best Limited Time offers that grade out well in our RAID Pack Calculator.

Let us know your thoughts on the Best In-Game Purchases in the comments below!

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1 month ago

Daily gem pack is definitely the best pack. I think the sparring pit is good value, at least get lvl1 on all pits, you can put your higher level champs in there and only have to click the upgrade once a day or so and it’s free XP.
Also if you don’t spend for a month you can get Warriors circle packs which are normally a lot better than any regular offers.

Patrick Klatzer
Patrick Klatzer
1 month ago

On my Raid on PC no exist “Sacred Daily Pack”..

Last edited 1 month ago by Patrick Klatzer