Published On: June 21, 2023
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Call of the Arbiter – Recap Episode 5 SPOILER WARNING


Join us as we recap the events that unfolded in Call of the Arbiter Episode 5, as we go on an adventure with Arbiter!

If you haven’t watched it already, head over to the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube channel and watch it before reading further!

Episode 5 Recap

This time the intro we have all become used to has changed, instead the words spoken by the Arbiter are “4 enough to begin. Champions it is time you knew me” and rather than a picture of one of the starter champions, this time, it is a picture of herself.

Call of the Arbiter EP5

The scene beings with Arbiter’s helmet on the side of a mountain and Athel in a large temple with Arbiter’s helmet floating in the middle, when Athel goes to grab the helmet, she realizes it is booby-trapped, Athel deflects the trap just in time and goes to grab the helmet when Kael attacks her.

Kael and Athel fight to claim the Arbiter’s helmet when Elhain stops Athel to aid Kael. Galek stops Kael with a flaming axe, so Elhain fires at Athel again to knock her back, Athel nearly falls off the side of the platform, luckily Galek saves Athel from falling and smiles with recognition when she looks up with shock, she shrugs him off appearing not to recognise him after all she was a baby when they last saw each other.

Call of the Arbiter EP5
Call of the Arbiter EP5

All 4 of our heroes go for the helmet again, Kael and Athel nearly managing to grab the helmet when Arbiter appears and slows the scene, appearing as her blue glowing self again as though she is projecting from the other side.

Arbiter goes into a monologue again, with depictions of a great war, showcasing champions we know and love and some not so much, before showing herself fighting Bad-el-Kazar.

We return to the fighting heroes, who are knocked back from the helmet, they’re aim their weapons at each other before the ethereal version of Arbiter reappears and they aim at her instead. She tells them to find her armor, shield and sword and they will discover great power and resurrect her to fight the darkness together.

Call of the Arbiter EP5

The Arbiter floats the helmet to Athel and tells them all to work together, they all look at each other and come together now as a united force.

Call of the Arbiter EP5

Arbiter’s Monologue:

“I once had a question, I wondered if there were any beings alive who could see things as they really are. Ones who would keep the universe from falling apart.

Long have I searched. I will show you why. From where does evil originate? Are good and evil present in every moment?

With each passing second offering a new choice between light and dark, it gets harder and harder to distinguish the light from the dark. A black stain has seeped into the soul of the world. Corrupting it. Now the darkness rises. It must be resisted.

Few are left to answer the call. Long ago, I was charged with bringing light into this world. Each time that I have come to fight the darkness a great toll has been taken. And now I fear that to appear in this world costs too much.

That is why I have chosen you. But you will not be alone. Vested in my armor my sword, my shield, is a power far greater than any darkness, find these and I shall return to the world again to stand with you. To light the spark that will cast out the darkness.

Stand with me. Stand together. “


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