Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Ogryn Tribes

Published On: July 11, 2021

Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Ogryn Tribes

Subhuman giants with prodigious bellies and brawn. Ogryns are nonetheless sluggish, dumb brutes prone to servitude. Yet these terrifying great oafs often prove that brute force and ignorance could win the day.

Ogryn Tribes

Big ‘Un: Old school champion that hits hard! All his abilities are AOE with good debuffs, which is great. Can farm nightmare campaign.

War mother: Paired with a bomb champion War Mother can instantly explode those bombs! She can hit hard!

Ignatius: Hard-hitting defence champion with HP burns that cannot be resisted. He is great in the spider dungeon now, with the new stages.

Gurptuk Moss-Beard: Used to be a meme but is on meta right now. He places block buffs on all enemies and at the same time can buff the damage of your own team meaning he can be used as a high-level Arena nuker setup.

Shamrock: Good base stats, great buffs and debuffs, However, he is just too inconsistent and random.

Drokgul the Grunt: Average champion, he can do increase attack and increase defence on the same ability, which only a few champions do.

Gurgoh the Augur: He is all about the freezes, AOE 100% (when booked) freeze ability on his A3. Great Arena defence champion with his removal of debuffs and freeze on his A2.

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  1. Vayroon July 12, 2021 at 10:26 am

    Nice review, but theres a mistake :

    – Gurgoh the Augur: is removing *Buffs* – not debuffs.

  2. Chicama July 13, 2021 at 7:38 am

    and it should be “Drokgul the Gaunt”, not “Grunt”

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