Published On: June 10, 2021
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Every Ogyrn Tribe epic reviewed in two lines or fewer!

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These beautiful trolls hold some of the best epics in the game! Here’s our Epics review of  the Ogryn Tribes!


Grimskin: Bad champion, needs a buff.

Uugo: One of the best epics in the game. Decrease defence and block buffs on her A2. She is used in the Arena to stop Skullcrown from placing her annoying unkillable buff. She also has a revive and leech. Brilliant champion!

Klodd Beastfeeder: Can be good against the Scarab Boss in Doom Tower. OK buffs in his kit. Build him only if you need him, otherwise, don’t!

Skullcrusher: One of only three champions in the game that has a full team counter-attack and the other two are legendary champions. He can be used everywhere and is considered an account changer if you pull him!

Shatterbones: Good champion who can hit like a truck. Turn meter control and decrease speed debuff make him viable but his AI is a bit off.

Grunch Killjoy: Bomb champion. Can do a bit of damage. Not great.

Galkut: Bomb champion as well, but forget the bombs he hits really hard. Check the video on Hellhades’ YouTube on this guy he is very good.

Cagebreaker: Needs a buff, doesn’t hit hard enough for his abilities to make a difference.

Occult Brawler: One of the best poisoners in the game. Used in Clan Boss mainly. Pretty useless anywhere else.

Ghrush the Mangler: One of the best free champions you get. He can play in any PVE content. Brilliant support champion.

Maneater: If you pull a Maneater you have won Clan Boss. If you pull two Maneaters you have definitely won Clan Boss. He is also great everywhere in the game. Hits hard, AOE decreases attack. One of the best epics in the game!

Towering Titan: Got buffed recently. Still bad.

Prundar: An absolute tank of a champion but has no damage.

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2 years ago

Useful, to the point. Although ogryn is spelled wrong :)