What’s Coming Next in RAID: Shadow Legends?

Published On: July 27, 2021

What’s Coming Next in RAID: Shadow Legends?


So today Raid released their next plans for the upcoming months ahead. And I’ve got to be honest they are starting to listen!

Doom Tower!

There are going to be 2 new bosses coming soon for the third rotation of Doom Tower and they look sweeeeeet!

Now we don’t know full details yet but as soon as we find out we’ll update the website and let you guys know! But from what we can see:

Bommal the Dreadhorn – This lava rhino looks INSANE! From what we can see he drops Dreadbombs which explode and do tones of damage. The way to deal with it is freeze. Cool this lavabeast down! When you defeat it you’ll get new forge materials for new artifacts. Fortitude Artifacts will give you +10% defence plus 40 resistance, now that is only with 2 equipped so you could potentially gain another 30% defence and 120 resistance ummmm wow!

Astranyx the Dark Fae – She will be the top boss when you climb the tower and he abilities are new and exciting! She has an unique ability to banish champions taking them out of the battle and she will create a mirror copy of it. The only way you can get your banished champion back is to slay the mirrored one on the opposing side. Same as the Dreadhorn you’ll get new drops for the forge which will get you lethal artifacts which is a 4 equipped set and is basically Savage Gear on steroids because you’ll get 25% ignore DEF plus 10% crit rate

New Champions!

We Know of 6 new champs! 3 epics and 3 legendaies and these are only obtainable by secret rooms in Doom tower which is a shame!

1. Taya

2. Dark Kael 

3. Gwyneth

4. Varl the Destroyer

5. Ba Satha 

6. Vasal if the Seal

Clan Improvements!

All clans will have a clan level for you to upgrade and get better benefits within your clan! Such as more silver per run and more multibattles! There is also going to be a clan shop much like the bazaar but we can only pray it is run better! To get points for the clan shop you’ll have to complete weekly clan missions where you’re clan will choose what they are doing and will complete them throughout the week.



  1. gearhound July 30, 2021 at 2:11 pm

    You left out he [email protected] news that they will be taking away sacred shards from daily login rewards:
    We’ll be making changes to the 271+ Days section of the Daily Login
    Rewards and include guaranteed Champions to the mix. Namely, the Rank 5
    Chicken and the Sacred Shard will be replaced with Champion Fragments.
    The first Champion you’ll see is Cleopterix – a Skinwalkers Legendary –
    who will make a great addition to your collection. It will take 4 months
    to gather enough Fragments for the Summon, and once you’ve done that,
    another Champion will take Cleopterix’s place in the Daily Login

    • Painfullclock August 5, 2021 at 8:05 am

      That news is crap-tastic, thanks for the heads up. Will they lube us up first and let us finish our current cycle or do we get raw dogged and swap it out on us mid cycle?

  2. scrim77 August 1, 2021 at 8:56 pm

    community uproar may just see that idea of kicking its player base in the guts change their plans and swap out 2 other daily log in items, i cant believe they think removing sacred shard and 5 star chicken the best move going forward all i see is plarium yet again looking at the bigger picture we remove them we can sell more crappy packs.

    another reason why i switched to f2p almost 12 months ago

  3. BerenCamlost August 2, 2021 at 2:02 pm

    As f2p, the daily login is one of the few ways to get sacreds in the first place (my teams aren’t tough enough to do high damage in UNM to get many there) and stockpile them for fusion/fragment events, and you can’t get a 5* chicken anywhere else unless you blow all your resources on a tournament. Their argument is probably that you get a guaranteed lego every 4 months just for playing, but I can fuse 4 legos in that time if I want to from events, and the shards are far more useful for that. So I don’t see how this helps anything except avarice.

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