Published On: December 16, 2022

Bommel Who?! Raid Shadow Legends Bommel ONE SHOT Guide


You heard right, one of the biggest Road Blocks in Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower just became a lot weaker, with the addition of 2022’s Christmas Fusion, Gnishak Verminlord.

Hellhades and YST collaborated to bring us the ultimate guide on how to obliterate Bommel The Dreadhorn on the highest possible difficulty, in a very short time.

YST has worked incredibly hard on perfecting this strategy to ensure that it becomes a viable farming strategy rather than an RNG Based Speed Run.


Team Requirements

Below you’ll find the information on what roles you will need fill in the team.

The Team that was showcased in this video, consisted of:


How the run works

For those of you who have read Gnishak’s skills, you’ll know that he is able to place bombs on nearly all of his skills, including his triple-hit A1 ability.

Bombs scale from ATK which is why it is vital to run a Champion who can place [Increase ATK] on your team, followed by two Ally Attackers to trigger more bombs from Gnishak’s A1 ability, which he can then follow up with his A3 and A1 ability to place more bombs.

The reason for Weaken being needed is that bombs ignore defense, making Decrease DEF irrelevant, but they do benefit from the 25% Damage Taken from Weaken, allowing you to push even more damage out of your bombs.

Bommel already takes increased damage from Bombs by standard, this paired with the additional damage Gnishak deals to enemies whose MAX HP is above 200,000, makes for a ton of damage when you’re able to stack a lot of bombs!

The only purpose for your 5th Champion, is simply to clear the waves as fast as possible to speed up your run time, so bring your best AOE nuker who is capable of clearing enemies in the waves.


AI Setup

Champion Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3
Gnishak A3 Opener A3 Disabled | A2 Priority A3 Priority | A2 Disabled
Kreela Witch-Arm A2/A3 Disabled A2 Disabled A2 Priorty
Longbeard A3 Disabled A3 Disabled A3 Priority
Arbiter No Setup Required A3 Disabled | A2 Priority A3 Priority
Nuker No Setup Required No Setup Required No Setup Required

Gnishak Attack Requirements

Below we’ve got the maths breakdown of how much attack you will need to ensure that you are able to one-shot Bommel with this method.

Bommal HP – 2,802,645

Grishak Aura – x1.3 Attack

Gnishak Multiplier – x5 Attack

Gnishak Passive – x2 to Bosses

Bommal Passive – x3 from Bombs

Attack Buff – x1.5 Attack

Weaken Debuff – x1.25 Damage

Effective Bomb Multiplier – 73.125 * Attack

Below are the full stat requirements for ONE SHOTTING Bommel, showing how many Bombs it would require based on the total attack.

  1. 38327
  2. 19164
  3. 12776
  4. 9582
  5. 7666
  6. 6388
  7. 5476
  8. 4791
  9. 4259

As always, a HUGE Thank you to YST for sharing this team with us, and massive credit to him for coming up with such a cool idea!

Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel for more crazy teams like this one! 

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11 months ago

The stats are off, Aura is not multiplicative so its difference of nearly 1 bomb