Published On: July 10, 2021
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Every Legendary in 2 lines or less – Barbarians

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Among the tribes and people that populate the Deadlands, the Norr, perhaps, are the culture that appears almost out of place. many of their clans and communities had been driven from their lands by the relentless march of ‘civilized’ kingdoms. This turned their culture to the exaltation of the Warrior as the absolute pinnacle of what men and women could aspire to be, and so were born the Barbarians of Teleria!


Altan: Probably the best decrease attack champion in the game! He hits like a cannon on all his abilities. His A2 has an increase defense and a shield and has a nice passive for this Faction. Great champion.

Scyl of the Drakes: Queen of the Free to Play. The best champion you get from the login rewards. Scyl is used in end game content due to her AOE stun ability, revives on her A3, and has a passive heals! Amazing champion.

Kantra the Cyclone: Great Spider tank and general wave controller. Loads of debuffs with a great Accuracy aura.

Elder Skarg: Buffed recently and is now a great champion that can really control the waves with the AOE fear debuff, and if you have enough debuffs on a target, he can smack hard and place HP burn and true fear on all enemies.

Valkyrie: She has been used in multiple World Record Clan Boss teams! need I say more, Yes? Full team counterattack with a massive shield! You get her, you put her with loads of defense, and you are sorted!

Turvold: if you pair him with the right champions that place loads of buffs, he can hit extremely hard, but he is hard to use. You must have the right composition around him to be useful – But he features in lots of incredible clan boss teams, including the current world record!

Ursuga Warcaller: Good unique passive of taking ally damage from critical hits. Has an OK hitting A2 for a HP-based champion with good debuffs. Great Arena defense champion

Yakarl the Scourge: Like Astralon he is a bit of a control nuker! However, he does need a buff! If you pair him with a champion that places a freeze, he can be excellent. His A2 hits extremely hard, and it steals the target’s turn meter. Good champion

Tuhanarak: She is the latest Void Legendary that joins in patch 4.4. On paper, Tuhanarak reads like a glorified Golden Doompriest in that she has a passive that cleanses a debuff. Unfortunately, you trade the 10% heal for continuous heals that only applies to 1 other champion on the A1. Good champion regardless.

What do you think of these reviews, and do you agree with them? Comment down below, we love to hear from you!

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this is great info..thanks