Published On: December 11, 2020
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How to build a Nuke champion in Raid: Shadow Legends!


In this post, we are going to look at how to build a nuke champion in Raid Shadow Legends to deal the most damage for late and end game dungeons.

As an example for this guide, we will go over how Hellhades built his Coldheart to in turn help you build your own Champions to take on the later stages of the game.

You can use the same concept for this Coldheart build for all of the Enemy Max HP champions.

First, you will need to select a nuke champion. For this guide, we are going to focus on Max HP champions. The reason that these champions are so good for this role is because of their abilities that are based on Enemy Max HP.

These abilities do massive damage to dungeon bosses as their damage is based on the max hp the enemy that they are hitting.

Here is a list of great Enemy Max HP Champions:

When looking to build a nuke champion it is important to use the basic rule ASDD (accuracy, speed, Defence/HP, Damage) to complete the build.

Importantly, when we make this build – especially for the people trying to hit 17-19 dungeons – stats are more important than sets. This means that when we build any of the nuke champions, we need to focus on getting the stats on the champion even if the sets are all randomly placed.

So, how did HellHades build his Coldheart? Follow this guide and your Coldheart will be nuking dungeons in no time!

Important notes before you build your own Coldheart’s:

  • Don’t focus on the attack as the Critical Hits are the most important damage you will dish out. So, you should build up your crit rate to max then load on the crit damage instead of attack.
  • Follow ASDD.
  • Build high enough HP so she isn’t targeted by dungeon mobs.
  • Get your crit rate up to 100 to always crit on your abilities


The build for late game (17-20 dungeon level):
Start with jewellery

  • Banner – Primary stat is Accuracy. Secondary stat to look for is speed.
  • Amulet – Primary stat is Crit damage. Secondary stat to look for is accuracy.
  • Ring – Primary stat is HP, if you don’t have a good HP ring then use a Defence ring. Secondary stat to look for is HP%.

Next is the bottom row of artifacts

  • Boots – Primary stat is speed. Secondary stats to look for accuracy and speed.
  • Chest – Primary stat is HP%. Secondary stat to look for is accuracy and speed.
  • Gloves – Primary stat is Crit rate. Secondary stat to look for is speed and Crit Damage.

Finally, we build the top row

  • Weapon – We are looking for speed, Crit rate and accuracy.
  • Helmet – We are looking for speed, Crit Rate and Crit Damage.
  • Shield – We are looking for speed and Crit Damage.


The build for end game (level 20 dungeons/speed run):
As with the earlier build, you are looking to build your Coldheart’s in a similar way, but you need to be more precise and get the maximum out of our builds. Still, you honour the rule stats over sets, however, in this stage of the game you should have good stats in a number of sets so that you can build the set and gain the set bonuses to push the champion to maximise the stats.

Start with the jewellery

  • Banner – We are looking for the same however maxing out the level of the banner. (Accuracy)
  • Amulet –We are looking for the same however maxing out the level of the amulet. (Crit damage)
  • Ring – We are looking for the same however maxing out the level of the ring. (HP)

Next is the bottom row of artifacts

  • Boots – We are looking for the same however maxing the level of the boots. (speed)
  • Chest – We are looking for the same however maxing out the level of the chest plate. (HP%). However, for the secondary stats, we are looking for Crit rate and speed.
  • Gloves – Here we are going to mix it up and look for Primary stat Crit damage gloves with speed and crit rate as secondary stats.

The top row of artifacts

  • Here we are looking to boost our damage and speed and by doing this we are looking for crit damage and speed in the secondary stats as this is our final boost of damage to speed clear the waves.

If you follow these rules when building your nuke champions in Raid Shadow Legends you will be blasting through content in no time! make sure that you check out the video below for more tips on how to progress your account!

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