Published On: September 1, 2022
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Hydra Guide: The Head of Wrath

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Since introduced, Hydra Clan Boss has been one of the toughest forms of content added to Raid Shadow Legends. However, with a little understanding and practice, you may find it’s easier than you think. Each head brings a unique challenge to the battle and finding the balance to counteract each of them is the real challenge. Let’s break it down one head at a time. Next up: the Head of Wrath

Understanding Each Skill


For the A1, you can resist the Decrease ATK debuff or block it with Block Debuffs. You can also remove it later with a cleanser. The Vengeance counter is the real issue. After it reaches 15, it attacks with a HARD hit that often can wipe out a whole team if you’re not careful as it increases its damage by 300% and triggers an immediate AoE attack. Try to make sure the head does not have an Increase ATK buff up but does have a Decrease ATK debuff placed before it reaches the counter limit. You can also deal with the smashes by using buffs like Shields or Revive on Death.

You can mitigate damage from AoE’s numerous ways including:

  1. Using a champion with a passive skill that decreases the damage taken by all allies from AoE attacks (ex. Duchess Lilitu)
  2. Consider your gear. Guardian is a great set to put on a champion with high HP as it transfers damage to allies to the wearer instead. This is great if you have “squishy” champions in your team. Stalwart also provides damage mitigation; though is not necessarily the best set for most champions to use against Hydra due to other sets having more utility. However, it does provide 30% decrease damage taken from incoming AoE damage. Consider this if you’re struggling with specific champions dying during AoE hits.
  3. If you’re going down the Defense mastery tree, try to get Blastproof which decreases damage from AoE attacks by 5%.

After you decapitate the head, it inflicts damage to all other heads as well. This is some nice bonus damage. Plus, if there is a chance for it to place a Leech debuff which can be helpful for healing your team back up.


The A2 is an AoE that places Provoke debuff. This debuff can be prevented with high enough Resistance, Block Debuffs buff, or removed by a cleanser. Be sure to check out our Stages Tool and look up the difficulty you’re fighting to see how much Resistance you need to counteract the Accuracy. It also places an Increase ATK buff on itself which you definitely want to avoid. Try to have up a Block Buffs debuffs on this head or remove it after it’s placed before you reach the Vengeance counter limit.


As for the passive, while this head is up, it decreases the damage all hydra heads take from AoE hits. This does not mean avoiding using them entirely. The same goes for Enemy Max HP champions. Even though damage is limited due to the passive, they still do great damage overall (so use those Royal Guards & Husks anyway)! Lastly, as the skill states, it is immune to many debuffs, turn meter manipulation, etc. so please keep those abilities in mind before you head into your hydra battle.

MVP’s to Counter the Head of Wrath

Uugo – Not only does she bring Block Buffs debuffs but she also brings Decrease DEF, Leech, cleanses, heals and even has a conditional revive. She is particularly strong in a Reflex or Relentless set to help keep Block Buffs up all of the time.

Krisk – He provides great protection for your team in the form of Ally Protection buff and continuous heal buffs. He also starts you off with a shield at the beginning of the round and has great utility overall for dealing with all of the hydra heads.

Helicath – He’s a great example of protection and damage mitigation to use for tanking the big hits from the Head of Wrath. He has a big Shield buff based on his defense that can protect all allies. He also has a Block Damage buff to place on all allies. Both of these are very strong when timed before the Vengeance counter hits 15.

Mother Cybele – Her A3 puts a Revive on Death and Increase DEF buff on all members of the team; this can be timed well with the hard hits from this head to keep your team alive or have them pop right back up if they do die.

Lord Champfort – He has both Decrease ACC and Decrease ATK debuffs on an AoE on one skill. Both of these debuffs are great to have up against this head. Decrease ATK is one of the most important debuffs for surviving the big hits.

*If you’re looking for a good cleanser to deal with the debuffs, some other of the best cleansers for hydra include: Tuhanarak, Cardiel, Brogni, Mithrala and Doompriest.

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1 year ago

This guy is easily the biggest roadblock for higher difficultties. So anoying when dec atk just doesn’t want to land.