Published On: January 20, 2022
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Shadowkin Faction Wars – Open Now!

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Today is the first day that the Shadowkin Crypt has become available, and fittingly there is a Champion Training Event live for the Opardin Clanfather fragment collector event, making it a perfect time to build your Shadowkin team if you haven’t done so already, so let’s have a little look at each of the Champions in the Shadowkin, to help you pick out who you should be using.



Lifetaker – Decrease SPD a2 could be useful for bosses, but her stats are fairly
Assassin – Some poisons that can help with bosses, also brings weaken – not the worst
Bloodmask – Very small turn meter control, not the best option at all
Odachi – Hard hitting, with A1 Provoke, Block Debuffs – Very worthwhile rare.
Itinerant – Can be useful with AOE Dec SPD, however very low base stats defensively.
Marauder – Weak AOE Dec ATK, not much else to him.
Vagabond – Some turn meter control, can work well for lower levels.
Fanatic – Decrease DEF A1, Hits relatively hard and can also cleanse your team – not an awful option



Toragi – Poisons, Provoke, Dec ATK, Protection and Shields – absolute MVP.
Hotatsu – Brings Dec ATK, and Leech to help you stay alive along with buffing your team – Great option.
Chani – Brings some AOE damage, but that’s about all she will bring to your team.
Umetogi – Only really useful for some damage, all single target but bring some self-sustain with passive.
Sachi – Great epic, AOE A1 which can help with stun set, Brings big Increase ATK buff for your team with a Turn meter fill, also revives when she kills an enemy which can help secure 3 stars.
Fenshi – Full offence, can push out good damage, with some turn meter control, weak defensive stats. Mostly useful for bosses.
Burangiri – AOE stun is incredibly valuable along with buffs for your team. Solid option.
Kunoichi – Very good Support for your team with AOE Leech, and Ally Protection.
Chonoru – Relatively strong damage option, but not much else to her.
Gory – Minor Control, if you’re lacking control, likely wouldn’t take past 50.
Jorojin – Not the best Champion for Faction wars, Decrease ATK on A1 can be useful.
Masamoto – Turn Meter boost on A3 with Increase DEF, with AOE Decrease ATK is great – Can slot into a lot of teams.
Oboro – Oboro is fantastic as an AOE Decrease DEF if you’ve got plenty of debuffs in your team, however, it is quite situational, but she’s the only option aside from Genzin.
Genbo – Absolutely incredible damage, will prevent you from getting stuck in a 5v1 with Paragon with his ignore unkillable ability, however, his defensive stats are relatively low.
Taya – Doom Tower Champion, great Champion but rather unobtainable



Jintoro – Insanely strong ST damage, with Turn Meter steal, along with Decrease DEF and Weaken, he will tear through any priority target or boss.
Lady Kimi – Instant spot in your team, she does everything! A fast Lady Kimi will help to prevent the enemies from ever taking a turn – she was built for this!
Ninja – Amazing Damage on bosses, and Control for waves – Ninja WILL be in your team.
Yoshi – A1 stun can be useful, his A2 is less useful due to it being random hits, but the support for your team with buffs is very valuable along with his speed aura.
Nobel – Can help to control enemies, however a very weak legendary.
Genzin – MVP – AOE Decrease DEF, Strong Damage, Self-Turn Meter boosting to cycle through turns quickly.
Kyoku – Fantastic Support for your team, really useful AOE Decrease ATK and A1  with Weaken, Kyoku’s passive is absolutely amazing for helping keep your team topped up.
Gamuran – Block Active Skills on A1 can be very useful for shutting down annoying targets, his A2 can be very valuable on specific waves, for example Valkyrie waves, stealing the shield or Counterattack to then spread it to your team is absolutely amazing. Pseudo Revive mechanic on passive.
Riho – Absolute queen of keeping your team alive, her passive will counter basically every single boss, allowing her to keep your team alive. She is INCREDIBLE.
Jingwon – It’s hard to put into words how bad this Champion is, arguably the worst legendary in the entire game.

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