Published On: July 12, 2023
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The Best Dark Fae Clone Nukers


These are some of the Best Champions for Nuking Clones to prepare yourself to confront Astranyx the Dark Fae, who eagerly awaits your arrival, promising formidable rewards that match the intensity of her challenge. Brace yourself, for not only must you confront Astranyx herself, but you shall also find yourself pitted against mirrored versions of your own team, a distinctive mechanic exclusive to this boss encounter.

In this battle, strategic speed tuning, potent damage output, and precise control over turn meter will prove indispensable allies. Exercise caution and embrace these tactics as you embark on this formidable encounter.

To overcome Astranyx, you must navigate through two distinct phases. The initial phase involves vanquishing your own clones, followed by a battle against the boss herself. As you enter the final round of the Astranyx encounter, she will activate her passive ability, Fae Mirror, before any of your Champions can take a turn. This ability generates mirror copies or clones of your own Champion, faithfully replicating their stats, sets, auras, and blessings. Additionally, Astranyx envelops herself in a Perfect Veil, rendering her impervious to direct targeting until you eliminate these clones using single-target abilities.

In Raid, a fundamental principle prevails, wherein tiebreakers favor the attacker. Consequently, you will always gain a turn before your clones. Once you triumph over the clones, you can initiate your assault on the boss herself, focusing your attacks on Astranyx.

With most of these champions you are looking to max out the Crit Rate to 100% and smash the Crit numbers through the roof alongside Attack or Defence, make sure you learn what your Nuker deals Damage off. This is very important and could be the reason you are not 1 shotting the Clones.

The Best Clone Nukers:


Fylja’s Passive (Boonchant) allows her to place a 50% Increase ATK buff and a 30% Increase C.DMG buff on herself if Fylja has 2 or fewer buffs before she has her turn, therefore she can turn herself into a nuclear threat with her a3 (Righteous Evocation). It is an AOE ability that fills her own Turn Meter and a small heal on herself if the attack is a crit, which you are aiming for because she is a Nuker. She also has her a2 (Crushing Eternity) Which fully depletes the targets Turn Meter so she is good for Dark Fae to stop her having a turn.



Hurndig is an absolute beast! Some of you may have got him from the fusion event and you need to get him into Dark Fae to start smacking the clones! His a3 (Stasis Strike) needs to be a Crit in order to have a second attack which is AOE and deals a large amount of damage allowing Hurndig to destroy the clones. His a2 is also AOE that places a Decrease DEF debuff so if you have a couple of Nukers make Hurndig faster and the other Nuker can finish the job!



Lua has an AOE a2 ability which can deal with the Clones whilst providing a self-heal, she is better as a secondary Nuker however her a3 provides great support for dealing with the boss’s Turn Meter because it drops it by 100%. Lua is great at clearing the clones but you may want to bring a reinforcer just to clear it more efficiently.

Lorn the Cutter

Lorn the Cutter may not be one you expected on this list however his a2 (Frightful Frenzy) is an AOE ability that can deal good damage to the clones whilst adding some good debuffs of [Leech] and [Heal Reduction] then of top of his a2 nuke his a3 (Snatch into Darkness) has a 100% Turn Meter drop which comes in clutch to stop the Dark Fae in her tracks. You may need a secondary Nuker alongside Lorn the Cutter but he is a great option.

lorn the cutter portrait

Georgid the Breaker

Georgid the Breaker aka the Nutcracker is great for Nuking the Dark Fae clones as he has crazy Damage stats! His a2 (March of Tin) is a massive Godlike AOE ability that drops nukes whilst depleting Turn Meter on all enemies. Therefore reducing the Dark Fae’s Turn Meter as well making the whole level a lot easier to complete! He has a built-in Helmsmasher passive that will make any of his abilities ignore 50% of the target’s defence (50% of the time!).  Overall he is a really nice champion if you managed to have pulled him considering he is a Void Legendary!

georgid the breaker portrait

Basileus Roanas

Basileus Roanas is like a forgotten hero, he is a Nuker through and through but other champions just overshadow him. It’s his a3 (Majesty) that makes Basileus Roanas shine as a Dark Fae Clone Nuker! This is because alongside the damage output if he doesn’t kill he has a chance to stun the target or reduces Turn Meter if the stun doesn’t land. The rest of his kit is just high damage but single target so good for the boss herself.

Quintus the Triumphant

Quintus the Triumphant is one of the newer champions from live arena but those that have climbed up the tiers and reached him can now use the Nuker himself. Quintus the Triumphant has a great a3 ability capable of Nuking the clones. It is an AOE but he self buffs before attacking with a C.DMG buff and an Increase ATK buff making him super strong and deal Godlike damage. He is a great champion with very high damage potential and he is defiantly capable of killing the Clones.

Quintus Portrait

Yakarl the Scourge

Yakarl the Scourge has one of the best pages in the game with a Frozen Barbarian backdrop but for sometime he was deemed as a Meme Void Legendary but now he comes in clutch in beating the Dark Fae. You can get this champion for free with Clan Gold 5 fragments per week but it is worth it for Dark Fae. His a3 (Glaciate) is an AOE Nuke with the chance to Freeze enemies therefore if you don’t kill them straight away he can freeze them so they don’t have another turn. On top of this he brings Decrease Speed on his a2 and steals 100% Turn Meter making him Godlike for Dark Fae.

Yakarl the Scourge

Dark Elhain

Dark Elhain has a very interesting kit with a lot of components working together to make her a Nuker. One of her Passives (Veins of Ice) removes any Freeze on her and change them into C.Rate buff, C.DMG buffs and a Strengthen buff. Then use her a2 which is a nice big damaging AOE ability that places a Decrease Speed debuff on all enemies to make your lives much easier. But it is quite fiddly trying to make a Go second team but if you can make it work then you’ll build a successful nuker.

Dark Elhain


Hegemon is a great champion that used to be used primarily in Arena but players have figured out he is good in other areas such as Dark Fae. His Passive makes him go first so make sure you have enough damage to wipe out the other Hegemon or you are in Trouble. His a2 is a really big Nuke that can place Block Active skills so if you don’t kill straight away then you have a chance with the clones being locked out. He also has a Decrease Speed a1 to slow Dark Fae which can come in handy but it is a shame that it is a low chance of hitting.

Starter Champion

Now if you really are lacking for a Nuker than all starter champions are good enough to Nuke your clones just maybe bring a secondary to finish up any stragglers. All starter champions have a good damage dealing AOE ability that you may need to bring to take out the clones for the boss fight.

These are some good Nukers that bring other elements to aid you in the boss fight, can you think of any others? YST has a list here

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