Published On: February 5, 2021
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Patch 3.30 Highlights


Its been a busy day for announcements in Raid Shadow Legends and Plarium have come in again with dropping details of the upcoming patch 3.30. Here is what we know so far:

Another game update is almost ready to go live, and we’re here to tell you about everything you can expect! 3.30 brings new Champions (one of them available for Valentine’s Day Fusion!), some minor QoL improvements, and a Fitting Room – the latter will allow you to see how various Artifacts affect the chosen Champion’s Stats without wasting Silver on swapping different Artifacts back and forth. Check out the Update Highlights below to learn more!

Fitting Room

Fitting Room is a new feature that will let you preview various Artifacts and Accessories before you choose to equip your Champion with them. To access it, you just need to choose a Champion in your Collection, go to Filter, and tap the Fitting Room button that appears under their Artifact type filters.

You’ll still have access to all relevant filters, so choosing the gear you want will be easy. This tab will also allow you to see how the selected Champion’s Stats are affected by different Artifacts and Accessories before you finalize your decision.

Once you have the desired Artifact combination, tap on the Equip button to equip them – simple! Keep in mind that the cost of swapping Artifacts/Accessories still applies in full for every item you replace with the one you tried on in the Fitting Room. However, equipping Artifacts/Accessories into an empty slot is free!

New Fusion and New Champions!

Tag Team Arena Rewards/Bazaar

Tag Team Arena Tier rewards will see some changes in Update 3.30. The weekly Tier rewards will be decreased and will require at least 10 Series in the Tag Team Arena to claim, however, we will increase the number of Gold Bars per victory to compensate for that.

Furthermore, we’re expanding item pools for each Tier in the Bazaar. This will include Charm chests, player avatars for each Tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold), Fragments of Rare Void Champions required to Fuse Broadmaw.

Miscellaneous QoL

We’ll be introducing several changes to the Forge UI. For example, Charm slots will display the number of Charms of each type you have available. Crafting Materials in Faction Wars Stage select will be colour-coded for your convenience, so it’ll be easier to know what you’re getting for clearing a Crypt. There will also be a few smaller changes on top of that.

Clan Boss keys bought in various offers will be added to your inbox individually. Meaning you will be able to pick them up one by one rather than being forced to retrieve them all at once

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3 years ago

As crazy as it sounds the ability to collect CB keys 1 at a time is the best part of this update. I don’t see any “must have’ new champs and the artifact optimizer here is still better than the one Plarium will implement in game.

3 years ago

This just made the mini-mix pack actually sorta valuable now lol