Published On: May 2, 2023
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10 Overpowered Epics 2023!


We all know that Raid Shadow Legends has an absurd amount of Champions in the game, and amongst those are some crazy overpowered, and sought-after Legendaries that take the spotlight, but lots of people often wrongfully overlook the value in Epic Champions, not only because they are easier to invest in, but also because some of them have the potential to bring more value than many legendaries in the game!

Today we’re going to look at 10 of the most overpowered Epic Champions, who truly deserve the legendary status rather than Epic, whether that be in the form of huge damage, or game-changing support abilities.

These Epics will be sure to enhance your account’s progression in multiple areas!

**We are not calling for a nerf to these Champions, we simply don’t think they deserve to only be Epics!**



akemtum splash artwork

Akemtum’s passive ability is something that no other champion in the game possesses. Whenever poison procs, it physically damages all enemies as long as they are under a [Hex] debuff, making him a force to be reckoned with. This ability alone makes him a valuable asset in battles against spider and other fights with multiple targets such as Hydra Clan Boss.

In fact, Akemtum can hard carry players through spider 10 hard mode, which can check out in Saphyrra’s Video here. While other champions in the team are decent, they are not doing any of the work. Akemtum is doing all of the heavy lifting.

Apart from his unique passive ability, Akemtum also has a triple-hit A2 that can extend the duration of hex, further enhancing his passive. His A1 poison ability can spread the poison around, making him a versatile champion for any content.

What’s more, if Akemtum is equipped with life steal gear, he can heal himself while inflicting passive damage, thanks to the way his kit works. This can also work with artifact sets such as Stun!

It is no surprise that Akemtum is considered one of the most overpowered champions in Raid Shadow Legends. He can solo-run content like Dragon and is insane for Hydra as well. Even though he was added to the game recently, Akemtum has already earned a place among the elite legendary champions.




Geomancer, with its unique abilities and passive skill, has become a popular choice for many players in so many areas of the game.

One of the best places to see Geomancer in action is the Iron Twins, however, he is genuinely absurd in any end-game PvE Content.

Geomancer is a unique champion, which makes him so cool. The real fun comes from Geomancer’s passive skill, which makes him absolutely overpowered. Whether you’re building a team for Hydra Clan Boss, Bommel, Iron Twins, or Sand Devil, Geomancer always seems to find his way into your teams.

The passive skill in question allows Geomancer to deal massive damage, even without building for damage at all. This means that players can build Geomancer as an absolute tank and still get a lot of damage out of him. As long as Geomancer applies his own HP burn on an enemy and the team takes hits, that’s where all the damage will come from.

Geomancer’s unique abilities and passive skill make him a top choice for many players in end-game content. Players can build Geomancer as a tank and still get a lot of damage out of it, which is a rare and valuable trait in a champion. Geomancer is one of the few Epic champions people cannot go wrong with building multiple copies of, which speaks to the champion’s power and versatility. If you’re looking for a powerful and unique champion to add to your team, Geomancer is definitely worth considering.




First and foremost, Seer is known for her impressive wave-clearing abilities. Whether it’s a level 25 wave or something much tougher, Seer is capable of demolishing it with ease. She does this by doing more damage based on the number of buffs that her team has. Even without any buffs on her team, Seer can dish out absurd amounts of damage. This makes her the best wave clearer in the game, even compared to Taras the Fierce.

Seer’s power is further amplified when she’s paired with other buff-heavy heroes like Lydia, who can provide multiple buffs to the team. With Lydia’s help, Seer can one-shot any wave with ease. The fact that Seer’s damage output is based on something that players can control, namely the number of buffs on their team, makes her an incredibly versatile and powerful hero.

Seer’s damage all comes down to her Karma burn ability. This ability removes all buffs from allies and enemies, allowing Seer to attack all enemies based on the number of buffs she removes. While players need accuracy to remove buffs from enemies, they don’t need it to remove their own buffs. This means that players can choose whether to focus on accuracy in their build depending on whether they think the enemy will have buffs or not.

To maximize Seer’s effectiveness, players should aim for 100% Crit rate, Critical Damage, and decreased defence debuff on the enemy. With these two things in place, Seer becomes an absolute powerhouse, capable of annihilating any enemy that comes her way.


Godseeker Aniri

Godseeker Aniri

The next Champion we’re going to highlight is Godseeker Aniri, who has the ability to revive over and over again.

This makes her a valuable asset in any team, especially for those who like to take on challenging content. In recent months, her value has surged with the release of Sand Devil, as she is capable of being the better half of a 2man team, paired with either Ninja or Walking-Tomb Dreng.

Aniri’s ability to revive herself and her teammates is due to her passive skill. This skill is what sets her apart from other champions and makes her a force to be reckoned with. Along with her revive mechanics, Aniri is also an excellent healer and has the ability to extend her team’s buffs, making her a valuable asset in clan boss fights and arena battles.

What makes Aniri an overpowered epic is her unique passive skill. It is something that sets her apart from other champions and makes her an essential addition to any team. She is an excellent example of how passive skills can change the game and make a champion extremely valuable in certain situations.

If you are looking for a strong support/revive champion to add to your team, Godseeker Aniri is definitely worth considering. Her revives, coupled with her healing and buff extending skills, makes her an invaluable asset in any team!


Inquisitor Shamael

inquisitor shamael

Among these champions is Inquisitor Shamael, a powerful and unique character that some players consider overpowered.

Inquisitor Shamael is particularly useful in facing the head of Torment in the Hydra and can be seen often in Hydra teams depending on the rotation. He has a unique ability that even legendary champions do not possess in the game, making him one of the most sought-after champions.

His ability instantly removes any fear or true fear received by an ally and fills the term meters of the leader ally by 15%. This means that if four members of your team receive true fear from the head of Torment, the leader constantly gains 15% turn meter. This makes the leader gain loads of turns, which can be beneficial in defeating the Hydra.

Inquisitor Shamael is also useful outside of the Hydra. He can be used in Doom Tower waves, Arena, and other game modes because he can one-shot almost any champion in the game if he is built well. This is because he ignores 25% of the target’s defense naturally, and he ignores another 25% for each buff on himself. Therefore, if he has three buffs on him, he ignores 100% defense, making him hit hard.

His ability is on a three-turn cooldown, which means it can be used relatively quickly. It is a triple-hit ability, so players should expect to deal a significant amount of damage when using it.



Demytha is the queen of Clan Boss, and no list of Epics would be credible unless she was included, in all seriousness.

Demytha brings something very different to the meta of unkillable Clan Boss Teams that we’ve known to love and cherish over the years, as she is capable of providing Block Damage at all times, all by herself due to her Short Cooldowns.

Many teams now work around having Demytha, a Speed Booster and Turn Meter boost to allow her to go at a 3:1 Ratio and keep your team protected till Turn 50 when the boss ignores the Block Damage.

Outside of Clan Boss however, Demytha is capable of providing you with some great support with her healing output, of course, the Block Damage and finally her buff manipulation, increasing the duration of your team’s buffs whilst reducing the duration of debuffs on your team by 1, which doubles to make her Clan Boss teams affinity friendly too!




Maneater is the key to the unkillable Clan Boss team. His unique skill set and abilities make him a valuable addition to any team composition, especially in Clan Boss battles.

One of Maneater’s standout skills is his A3, which allows him to put an unkillable and block debuffs on his allies. This combination is crucial because it ensures that your team won’t die while also preventing debuffs that could slow down or cripple your damage output.

The unkillable buff on its own is great, but when combined with the block debuffs effect, Man Eater becomes a game-changer. On Spirit Affinity, for example, your team won’t take decreased speed, so you won’t lose sync. Meanwhile, other affinities won’t land debuffs on your team such as decrease accuracy, allowing you to keep landing debuffs and keep up your damage.

But Maneater isn’t just a one-trick pony. Outside of his unkillable combo, he’s a fantastic champion in his own right. He has a full turn meter drop and an AOE decrease attack, making him valuable in faction wars and other areas of the game.

Despite his versatility, Maneater’s true strength lies in enabling the unkillable Clan Boss team. With two Maneater or a Maneater and Pain Keeper, you can execute this strategy flawlessly and never worry about changing your Clan Boss team again. It’s no wonder why so many players run this same team, as it’s consistent and crazy good against all Clan Boss affinities.




One champion that has recently risen in popularity since the release of Hydra Clan Boss is Husk.

This is due in part to Husk’s AOE smack, which deals damage based on the enemy’s max HP. But Husk is not just a one-trick pony. He also has a provoke on his A1, which has made him a valuable addition to any team facing the Hydra.

What sets Husk apart from other champions is that he doesn’t require a lot of stats to be effective. His AOE smack only requires crit rate and crit damage, which means you can build him to be tanky and still get the most out of his abilities. Additionally, his A3 has a stun that can be useful in certain situations, such as in the Spider Dungeon.

But it’s Husk’s ability to provoke the head of Decay in Hydra while also dealing damage that has really made him stand out. In fact, some players argue that he might be overpowered, given how consistently he is used in Nightmare Hydra Clan Boss teams.

So, while Husk may not be the flashiest or most talked-about champion in Raid: Shadow Legends, he is certainly worth considering if you’re looking to build a Nightmare Clan Boss team.




Seeker is a key champion in enabling a two-for-one speed comp for Clan boss. He is also the best Champion to enable this tactic, aside from the new rabbit Champion Razelvarg. Seeker’s legendary speed control is due to his turn-meter fill ability that also grants Increase ATK to your team, which also gives a 30% Turn Meter Boost on a three-turn cooldown. However, Seeker also gets another turn, which makes the cooldown equivalent to just two turns. This means that every two turns, Seeker provides an extra 30% turn meter to all team members. This is a colossal amount that enables everyone to get extra turns quickly.

Aside from his role in Clan Boss, Seeker also has a place in the game generally because of his passive. When hit with a critical hit, Seeker’s team gets an increased defense buff. The further up Seeker is in the turn order, the better this buff is. Additionally, Seeker spreads the increased defense to all his teammates when he is hit with a critical hit. This means that if Seeker is your leader, he will take the hit first, and all your team members will get increased defense before the AOE lands on them. This enables them to survive the hit and then come back at the enemy. Seeker is great for enabling a go-second team for arena battles.

Seeker also has a provoke A1 ability, which is not bad. Overall, Seeker’s abilities make him a versatile and valuable Champion in the game.


Dark Kael

Dark Kael is an outstanding Epic that Hellhades, unfortunately, doesn’t have, but he is closing in on getting Dark Kael in the Doom Tower, as he is collected from Secret Room Fragments from Normal Mode.

Dark Kael has a lot of qualities that make him a powerful champion. For instance, his A1 ability is a triple hitter that instantly activates poisons and burns with each hit. This ability might not seem like much at first, but it can be incredibly powerful when paired with other champions that can inflict burns and poisons.

Moreover, Dark Kael has an AOE decrease attack that is perfect for the Ice Golem and any waves of enemies. This attack also hits hard and has a unique passive ability that extends the duration of all debuffs by 75% when it lands a critical hit. This means that if a champion has inflicted burns or poisons on an enemy, Dark Kael can extend their duration and deal a massive amount of damage.

Another standout ability of Dark Kael is their poison sensitivity and placement of aoe Poisons, which makes him even more effective at dealing damage to enemies. In addition, their passive ability decreases the crit rate of enemies with two or more poisons, making them incredibly effective in PVE content.


Is there anybody else you would add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

I wish I had a Godseeker for Sand Devil. Currently not able to farm anything giving better rewards than stage 7 , and really want to start getting some ascension going. This recent artifact enhancment finally allowed me to fully acend my Seer’s gloves, and it made a huge difference for some of my DT wave clears.

Petko Kisyov
Petko Kisyov
1 year ago

What about 10 OP Rares:)

1 year ago
Reply to  Petko Kisyov

in my opinion – Bellower, Fellhound, Coldheart, Renegade, Painkeeper, Berserker, Soulbond Bowyer, Avir, Fleshmonger, Tirlac.

Most may not be OP, but they’re among the strongest of the rares.

5 months ago
Reply to  Schinderdiv

No Apothecary?! The disrespect…

10. War Maiden
9. Master Butcher
8. Treeshield Knott
7. Paragon
6. Painkeeper
5. Reliquary Tender
4. Renegade
3. Bellower
2. Apothecary
1. Coldheart
I intentionally didn’t include any of the starter Champs, but I think Kael would be the only one I’d add at #3. I’m fairly late game now and hardly use any rares so maybe updates have changed things since I’ve last used some of these champs

1 year ago

hmm no Magnarr on that list…
hows that?
Magnarr eats half of legos…
good for pvp, in dt…
he definently deserve to be shown…