Published On: March 15, 2023
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2023 Clan vs Clan Tournament Guide


In this article, we’re going to be diving into the competitive side of Clan vs Clan in Raid: Shadow Legends, which some people may love, whilst others will hate – but you simply cannot ignore the importance of the rewards from Clan vs Clan, even if you are in one of the lower tiers, they are too good to miss out on!

What is Clan vs Clan?

Clan vs Clan is a feature that allows Clans to face off against each other in a head-to-head battle, causing rivalries, upset and excitement while you fight to earn your clan some extra rewards and bragging rights in the form of a trophy next to the Clans name in-game.

To take part in Clan vs Clan Tournaments in Raid: Shadow Legends, the first thing you need to do is join a clan (makes sense right…) and then your clan will need to qualify for the tournament, these usually take place every second week, starting on Tuesdays and ending on Thursdays – to keep track of when the next Tournament is, you can check our homepage timer.

Clan Entry Requirements:

  • The Clan must have 10 or more members.
  • The Clan must have earned at least 50 Clan Activity Stars in the last 7 days (Counted up to 10:00 UTC the current day).

Individual Requirements:

  • Players will need to be a fully-fledged Clan Member by the time the Tournament starts, anyone joining a Clan after the tournament has started won’t be able to take part in the tournament.
  • If you’re a very new player (not yet completed stage 1 of the Sewers of Arnoc Campaign on Normal and still taking part in your novice Tournament), you will not be able to take part either.

How do Clan vs Clan Tournaments work?

Clan vs Clan Tournaments work on a point based structure, where the total points earned by all members of each clan is added together, and simply put, the clan with the most amount of points at the end is the winner.

To make things somewhat fair, Plarium match each clan with an opposing clan of “similar” strength that have a similar performance history in Clan vs Clan.

You can monitor the progress of your clan and your opponents clan in the in-game Clan vs Clan Tab by checking the ‘Versus’ section, where you are able to see the point distribution in each specific area, as well as checking individual performances in the Member tab.

Winning by specific amounts will secure you extra rewards in the form of Reaction and Bloodshield Accessories, the greater the gap between you and your opponent, the more, and better quality accessories you can earn.

2:1 = (enemy points / 0.5) – enemy points

3:0 = (enemy points / 0.4) – enemy points

4:0 = (enemy points / 0.3) – enemy points

What are the Clan vs Clan Rewards?

The rewards that you will earn in Clan vs Clan Tournaments will depend on the Tier that you are in, which we will explain more below, however, this is of course down to your clans performance whether you are able to earn them all.

When you earn points, you will be working towards milestone goals, which give you lots of rewards for hitting 10 different milestone breakpoints, the higher the tier you are in, the more points you will need to accumulate, but of course, the better the rewards are.

Members will only be able to claim these milestones if they have contributed a minimum of 1000 points.

Depending on your tier, you’ll receive rewards such as the below, by simply hitting your milestones.

  • Energy
  • Silver
  • Clan Gold
  • Arena refills
  • Brews
  • XP Boosters
  • Clan Boss Keys
  • Type Charms
  • Rank Charms
  • Rarity Charms
  • Core Hammers
  • Chickens (Rank 3, 4 and 5)
  • Ascension Potions
  • Ancient Shards
  • Void Shards
  • Epic Books
  • Legendary Books
  • Artifacts (ranging from Rank 5 Epic – Rank 6 Legendary)

Rewards may vary and can contain special tiers of rewards for special occasions.

There are also personal rewards available in some Clan vs Clan Tournaments, however you will only qualify for these if you are in the winning Clan, these also contain 10 milestones in each tier just like the Clan Rewards.

The tier that you are in will depend on your personal performance in the previous Clan vs Clan Tournament, so it will take some serious commitment to get the best rewards every single Tournament.

Personal Rewards contain many of the same rewards as Clan Milestone rewards such as Energy, Shards, and Books.

Clan vs Clan Matchmaking and Tiers

As we’ve mentioned above, there are 6 Tiers of Clan vs Clan Tournaments, 1 through 6, with 6  being the ‘top level’ and thus giving the best rewards, but not at any easy cost, in Tier 6 you’ll be facing some of the most competitive players in the game battling it out to get your hands on the best rewards, especially during Personal Reward Clan vs Clan, things can get pretty spicy!

The Tier your Clan is placed in is calculated based on the points you acquired in the previous Clan vs Clan Tournament, you are then placed into a tier based on the percentile you fall into.

Tier 6 is exclusive for the top 2% of performing clans, with each lower tier being another 2%, finally the remaining 90% of clans are placed into Tier 1.

This works similarly to personal rewards, although there are bigger thresholds in personal rewards allowing more people to get better rewards.

Clan Groupings

Tier 1: 90%

Tier 2: 2%

Tier 3: 2%

Tier 4: 2%

Tier 5: 2%

Tier 6: 2%

Personal Groupings

Tier 1: 80%

Tier 2: 9%

Tier 3: 4%

Tier 4: 3%

Tier 5: 2%

Tier 6: 2%

How to earn Clan vs Clan points

There are many ways to earn points in Clan vs Clan, in fact, you get points for doing just about anything in the game, however, every single clan vs clan multiple areas will be granted a 2x bonus, allowing you to earn double points during the window, but bear in mind these are capped out after a certain amount of points, which is stated in the objectives tab.

Champion Objectives:

Earn Points by developing your Champions in the following ways.

  • Get Champions.
  • Get Champions for the first time.
  • Upgrade Champions.
  • Upgrade Champions’ Ranks.
  • Ascend Champions.
  • Upgrade Champions’ Skills.
  • Upgrade Great Hall Bonuses.

Campaign Objectives:

Earn Points by clearing Campaign Stages based on difficulty.

Potion Keep Objectives:

Earn Points by clearing Potion Keep Dungeons, this will vary based on the difficulty you’re facing.

Minotaur Objectives:

Earn Points by clearing The Minotaur’s Labyrinth, this will vary based on the difficulty you’re facing.

Dungeon Objectives:

Earn Points by clearing Artifact Dungeons, this will vary based on the difficulty you’re facing, and which dungeon you are facing, with Dragon yielding the lowest points.

Faction Wars Objectives:

Earn Points by clearing the daily Faction Wars, with higher levels granting you more points per run.

Arena Objectives:

Earn points by winning fights in both Clan Arena and Tag-Team Arena, the higher the tier you are fighting in these areas, the more points you will earn.

Gear Objectives:

Earn points by upgrading your artifacts and accessories in the following ways.

  • Using Glyphs
  • Upgrading Artifact/Accessory Level

Forge Objectives:

Gain points by crafting artifacts in the Forge, higher quality items will yield more points.

Misc. Objectives:

This will reward you with points for every gem you spend (1 gem = 1 point).

For a full point breakdown, please refer to the Objective Tab in the Clan vs Clan Tournament tab, and furthermore, to help you this year with clan vs clan we’ve built a Clan vs Clan Point calculator that can estimate your points total for each tournament you compete in.

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1 year ago

Feels like you forgot the guide part! To gain CvC points you should save upgrading your Great Hall for CvC, save using books until CvC, use all your TTA tokens during CvC and farm Spider 25.

11 months ago

Don’t use “Super Raids” in the Dungeons as points for the CvC don’t double!!!!! That’s a lot of missed points!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  enadc

Wow we dont get double points in Super Raid? :O crazy i never knew that, i will have to look that up next CvC so thank you

Peter Johansson
Peter Johansson
5 months ago
Reply to  enadc

Is this still true? SuperI raids does not give you double CvC points? I thought you only got points for the loot.