Published On: May 3, 2023
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2x Void Shard & 10x Leorius Event!


This weekend Plarium has announced the expected 2x Void Event in Raid Shadow Legends, but alongside that, we will be getting a 10x Leorius the Proud.

Leorius is an absolutely crazy Champion, for both Arena Offense and Defense, who also prevails in Live Arena!

This is an amazing opportunity as Leorius is such a desirable Champion, and outside of Guaranteed Events, simultaneous 2x and 10x events are the highest chances of getting specific champions!

Plarium’s Announcement

This Friday, May 5th, we’re planning to launch two events simultaneously.

  • We’re planning to launch x2 event to summon Epic and Legendary Champions from Void Shards
  • And also, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon Leorius the Proud from Void Shards

Please, note that the duration of the x10 event will be one day shorter than the duration of the x2 event.

Should you be pulling shards?

As always, 2x is the BEST chance of getting a legendary from your shards, with the chance rising to 1% per shard, but there are a few other reasons why this weekend may be the best time for you to pull your shards.

  • Picking up a brand new Champion is always exciting, and there is no better chance outside of Guaranteed Events to get specific Champions than a 2x & 10x linked event for Sacred Shards.
  • 10x chance may feel high, but actually, it’s really not and the more champions Plarium add, the less effective this is – as much as the chances are increased, the likelihood of you landing a Leorius is still incredibly low.
  • There is not an active Fusion currently, and we can expect to hear news about the May 2023 Fusion VERY soon, likely starting within the next week or two.
  • Some players prefer to save shards for Guaranteed Events, and as such with Void Shards you can expect to need around 90-110 shards for these.

Is Leorius the Proud Good?

One of Leo’s skills (A1) is a single-target Decrease Defence, which has a 60% chance to land on two occasions. This skill is likely to land most of the time, retaining a good uptime of the debuff (If built for Accuracy).

His second skill is an AoE double hit ability that also renders him immune to hard crowd control while it is not on cooldown. This makes him a potent nuker in the arena. In addition, he has an AoE Weaken followed by an AoE attack that places True Fear. Even if he doesn’t go first, Leorius is able to take a hit and grant himself Unkillable with his passive ability if he takes a fatal hit.

What makes him truly dangerous in the arena is that dealing damage to him only makes him stronger, potentially increasing his damage multiplier by 99%.

Leorius is arguably one of the best Void Legendaries in the game. He is difficult to control and even more difficult to kill (without a buff strip or block buffs debuff) in the arena.

In PvE content, he is great for waves and dealing significant damage. Additionally, he fits perfectly into any Unkillable Clan Boss team, as he can bring Weaken and Decrease Defence and his 24% Critical Rate aura can help to reduce the load on your other champion builds.

To check out Leorius in Action, Hellhades has a video dedicated to him which you can find here. 


Will you be going for Leorius the Proud, or holding off? Let us know in the comments!

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1 year ago

This is a great event! I won’t be pulling, as I already have him, but he’s an amazing champion in all types of arena for the average player. He has carried my live arena this far, is amazing in my classic team, and has assured that one of my TTA teams has a 90% win rate on defense.

gahds gift
gahds gift
1 year ago
Reply to  SS2020user

For some reason I remember when you pulled your leo. I think it was because it was the same day I pulled acrizia and georgid with just 3 voids right around christmas.

Lightning struck again for me and I got leo on my first shard today. My luck in most areas (especially void epics and gear) has been abysmal. But my void legendary luck has been insanely good.

Eric de Heusch
Eric de Heusch
1 year ago

The article discusses the interest of keeping void shards for the guaranteed champions, but what about keeping them for a fusion event for players who were not ready yet for the previous fusion because of the lack of shards (or champions ready to be fused)?

For the Razelvarg, fusion I could have reached the rare of the summon rush OR the rare of the champion chase tournament but not both (and the only other difficulty for me would have been to get enough silver for the 3 artefact enhancement events). By keeping my void shard now I might not be able to do the next fusion but I am more likely to have enough shards for the following one.

Currently, I have 12 void shards, I don’t have any of the void epic yet (except Broadmaw) and still miss most of the good void rares. However, I still have a few useful champions to build for now and I fear that I might miss the opportunity to get an S tier legendary champion if I don’t prepare myself to do a fusion ASAP.

1 year ago
Reply to  Eric de Heusch

There is a line in there about fusions. I’d STRONGLY suggest saving your shards unless you can beat UNM. Pulling for 2x is really only great if you’re not progressed enough to achieve fusions, then your main shard focus should be achieving fusions to get to UNM, progress in dungeons, clear difficult parts of DT, getting proper arena teams and developing some Hydra teams. Basically, save shards for fusions, as they’re a lot safer than pulling for events like this.