Published On: July 13, 2021
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5 Top tips for starting New Worlds!

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So guys we are counting down the months and days until New Worlds is released and I’ve got to say the visuals look amazing! August 31st 2021 is the official release date for New Worlds! If you are new to MMO’s and are unsure of what to expect from New World then check out my Top 5 tips to get you familiar with the game!


5. Completing Quests

The quests at the start of games are generally very easy and a bit annoying to be honest but you are going to want to complete as quickly as you can. This way you’ll gain exp points allowing you to level in the game at a much faster rate than wandering around from place to place without completing quests. If you are in an area where you can complete faction quests, main game quests and side quests then do so as it will save your time and resources because you won’t have to keep wandering to and from the same area just because you couldn’t be asked to do the quest.

4.  Attribute points

From completing all these quests you’ll have to use your exp and when you level up you’ll be able to spend attribute points. These attribute points will determine how your character will be played. The 5 attribute points to level are:

  • Strength – This will be a melee focus so any dps close range player will build this.
  • Dexterity – This is your ranged attackers such as crossbows and marksmen. You’ll need this to be nimble and agile to dodge oncoming attacks and get as far away from the enemies as possible so you can do your dps from range.
  • Intelligence – This is for all you mages who love to cast a spell!  level up your intelligence attribute to cast more powerful spells and burn or freeze the enemies.
  • Focus – For all the healing MVP’s this attribute is for you. When have you gone into a dungeon and regretted not bringing a healer! Make sure one of these is in your team.
  • Constitution – For all the tanks that want to front line for your team and soak up all the damage so the squishy targets can claim all the credit for killing the boss!

Now you can mix and match the attribute points but remember if you want to do well in being a specific thing then try and aim for a couple of attributes. Myself personally I’ll try to be a healer or a tanky bruiser type of character. Just because that is my preferred play style. But the choice is really up to you!

3. Weaponary Choices

When deciding your weapons you’ll have 2 slots for a primary and a secondary weapon slot. Try and use the type of weapon that fits around the character you’re building. For example: Don’t use the mage wand and not level up your Intelligence. It would just not make sense! Try and combo them together so Staff with Intelligence and the big heavy hammer with Strength and Constitution. But we recommend trialing each weapon and see what fits you the best.

2. Crafting

There are 17 professions in New Worlds so if you are a bit stuck I don’t blame you! The major 3 are Crafting, refining and gathering then there are your substats from that. Our recommendation is focus on one or two stats to focus on so you can fully master it and see what your friends and your guild are doing because you may need to fill gaps so you have a balanced team. If you are unsure on what you want to have a profession in then I’d recommend working and focusing your time into your gathering skills because these are universal and will definitely assist you later in the game! If after a while you’ve see the pros and cons of each profession then you can quickly level up that area. For example: If you decide you wanted to become a chef then you’d quickly level up your cooking skills. So because you’ve levelled up your gathering skills you’ll be able to get the resources a lot quicker!

1. Exp Farming

You can earn exp points in so many ways in New World! Whether or not you’re a PvP or a PvE player it doesn’t matter you’ll still be able to get huge experience points to level up quickly.

If you are the PvP player then this bit is for you! When you’re hunting someone, the longer they are alive the more exp and rewards you’ll get for killing them but this also works against you so watch your six and cover your friends and guilds so they don’t lose their resource that they grinded for.

if you are the PvE type of player then this section is for you! You can earn exp from gathering, crafting and exploring the map! So linking back to my first tip make sure you stack your exp potential. You can do this by exploring a new area and gathering the materials you need from it. Double whammy! Don’t waste chances to earn exp quickly


There we have it guys, our Top 5 Tips for starting New Worlds! The Beta will release on the 20th of July 2021 and the official game release will be August 31st 2021. I’m hyped for this game and I hope you are too!

Let us know in the comment if you’re excited to play this game!

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2 years ago

i am really looking forward to giving this game a go, looks really good