Published On: May 23, 2021
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5 Ways to Hit Harder in Raid: Shadow Legends!

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Get as much Crit as you can!

As close to 100% because the damage increase is just so good in comparison to normal hits. A good way to get the crit rate up is by getting some crit rate % gloves as they will give 10 x the star of the glove. For example if I had a four star glove the crit rate would be 40%. Once you have 100% crit rate you can then work on crit damage as it scales the multiplier up to hit harder.

Using the debuff “decrease defence”

The second way to make sure you hit harder is to drop defence using the debuff “decrease defence”! Depending on the type of decrease defence you have as there are two. A 30% and a 60% indicates how much defence will be dropped so you can hit harder against the enemy.

“Damage based on…”

This means that the ability will be based on ATK, DEF or HP. So if a champion has an ability based on ATK then the multiplier of the attack will be the champions attack times by the multiplier. Likewise with DEF and HP. To buff this damage you can apply buffs such as INCREASE ATK or INCREASE DEF. However, if you have a champion who has a DEF multiplier then placing an increased ATK buff on that champion will be pointless because the champion will ignore the attack stat.


These will allow you to hit harder as certain ones do certain things. Some of them increase damage to targets with a shield buff. Some do a % more damage and so on. There are many masteries that will allow you to boost damage so you can hit harder in Raid: Shadow Legends. Yes, they can be a bit of a pain to farm but they are 100% worth it!


These can boost your damage greatly by increasing your multipliers. By booking your champions you gain up to 20x your damage depending on the champion! Let me tell you again, if you want to hit harder, then books can give you a huge multiplier increase! Be careful though because books are hard to come by so use them wisely and don’t make the mistake of many by putting a legendary book onto a rare champion. Please for our sanity don’t do it because they are so hard to come by in the late game.

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