Published On: May 7, 2024
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8 New Champions join RAID: Shadow Legends

8 new Champions will be added to RAID this week, alongside the community-chosen Fusion for Vault Keeper Wixwell.

The Fusion will begin on Thursday, 9th of May, and on the same day all of these new Champions will be added to the game.

Let’s check out the 8 New Champions who will be joining the ranks…

Vault Keeper Wixwell – Fusion

Vault Keeper Wixwell Splash Artwork with base Stats

Vault Keeper Wixwell is a first-of-its-kind Fusion, where all of the skills were picked by the community.

He is a Force Affinity Legendary from the Sacred Order, and by community vote it was decided that he will be Defense Based.

His kit is incredibly strong, with an A1 that hits twice, each with a 40% (books up to 60%) chance of Provoking the target, however, this increases to 100% when booked for Boss Enemies, making him incredibly strong for Hydra Clan Boss and the Magma Dragon in Doom Tower.

On Wixwell’s A2 ability he will place Decrease ATK on all enemies whilst also increasing the duration of all ally buffs by 1 turn before increasing the value of all Shields on your team with the amount being increased by the total number of buffs that had their duration increased.

His A3 ability brings a brand new Buff, Intercept, whilst also placing Increase DEF and Shield Buffs on all allies, which scales proportionally to his own Defense.

Lastly, Wixwell likes to get Revenge, with his Passive Skill giving him a permanent Counterattack buff.

Dune Lord Greggor

Dune Lord Greggor Splash Artwork

Next up we’ve got another Faction Unity Skill Champion, for the Barbarians Faction, Greggor is a Defense based Champion, who is similar to Wixwell in many ways.

First up is the A1 Skill, which is a Single-Target Provoke, followed by his A2 skill which increases the duration of all Ally Buffs, whilst also decreasing the duration of all enemy buffs by 1 turn, then lastly placing a Shield Buff on all allies for 2 turns equal to 20% of this Champion’s MAX HP.

Finally, we have the Faction Unity skill, Greggor will place Increase ATK and Increase ACC on all allies for 2 turns by baseline, but then with more Barbarians in the team, he will further enhance his capabilities with this skill, including decreasing ally cooldowns, boosting Turn Meter, and even giving the highest C.DMG ally an instant turn effect.

Arwydd Quivergrass

Arwydd Quivergrass Splash Artwork

The Epic Champion for the Wixwell Fusion is Arwydd Quivergrass, who we will need four copies of to complete the Fusion; these will be fused from collecting 16 copies of Taryx the Rare Champion.

Arwydd is all about buff control, she has a chance to steal random buffs on her A1 ability.

Then on her A2 skill, Arwydd removes all debuffs form herself, attacks all enemies and removes a random buff from all enemies!

On Arwydd’s A3 skill, she attacks 1 enemy, the damage is increased by 30% if she has no active debuffs, whilst also ignoring Unkillable buffs if there are no debuffs on her.

Teryx the Restless

Teryx the Restless Splash Artwork

Teryx is a Void Rare and part of the Vault Keeper Wixwell Fusion, meaning we will need to gather 16 copies of him in order to complete the Fusion.

In terms of his skillset, it’s much what you’d expect from a Rare Champion with an AOE Provoke that only has a 75% chance to land, and a weak version of the Strengthen buff on his A3 skill.

Giath the Truthshield

Giath Truthshield Splash Artwork

Giath is a Legendary Defense-based Champion from the Knights Revenant Faction, who appears to be a strong Ally Protection option who potentially could deal a large amount of damage.

On Giath’s A1 skill, she has the chance to place an extra hit when hitting certain debuffs, which will ignore 50% of each target’s DEF, however, it cannot critically hit.

Just like many of the other new heroes, Giath also increases the duration of ally buffs, but then hits all targets with the damage being increased depending on the amount of buffs that had its duration increased.

Finally, Giath’s A3 skill places Reflect Damage and Ally Protection on all allies, and Strengthen and Increase RES on Giath.

As for the Passive Skill; when allies under Reflect Damage buffs are attacked, Giath will place the debuffs her A1 skill relies on and they cannot be resisted!

Senna Amberheart

Senna Amberheart Splash Artwork

Next up we have a brand new Void Legendary Champion, who appears to be an incredibly strong support/healer!

First, we’ll look at her A3 Skill, reviving all allies with 50% HP and 50% Turn Meter, before ally attacking with all revived allies, hitting the enemy with the lowest HP.

This ties into her Basic Skill, which triggers Continuous Heal buffs on each ally!

On her A2 ability, Senna will place 30% Increase SPD and TWO 15% Continuous Heal buffs on all allies for 2 turns before filling their Turn Meters by 20%!

All of these Continuous Heals are great, but they are made even better with her Passive Skill, which fills Turn Meters of all allies by 5% each time a Continuous Heal is activated, and increases the duration of a random allies Continuous Heal buffs at the end of Senna’s turn!

Glaicad of the Meltwater

Glaicad of the Meltwater Splash Artwork

Glaicad is a Support Legendary from the Sylvan Watchers Faction who has a chance to place Freeze on his A1 skill with a double-hit, which could be great for Hard Fire Knight.

On top of this, Glaicad brings Increase ATK and Perfect Veil for your team on his A2 skill.

Finally, Glaicad revives all dead allies with 40% HP and 25% Turn Meter before placing Increase ACC and Increase DEF on all allies for 3 turns, however, if no Champions are revived, Glaicad will instead gain an Extra Turn!

To top it all off, Perfect Veil buffs from this Champion will increase the allies damage by 10%, and a further 10% against enemies who themselves are under Veil or Perfect Veil buffs!

Galleus Bloodcrest

Galleus is the brand new Mythical Champion coming to the game, and he looks absolutely incredible visually!

First up we’ll look at his Base form, where he places Decrease SPD on a single target with his A1 ability, which when counterattacking will deal Enemy MAX HP damage!

Galleus’ A2 skill is an AOE provoke, which on bosses will last for 2 turns, as well as placing Unkillable and Counterattack on Galleus!

On the A3 ability, Galleus restores all destroyed MAX HP and places Revive on Death and 60% Increase DEF for 2 turns on all allies.

Lastly, we have an incredibly interesting passive skill; Galleus reflects 50% of all damage that he receives as well as 100% of all damage if hit by a boss while healing Galleus by 50% of the damage received!

Next up for the Alternate Form, Galleus launches a single target attack on his A1 before hitting ALL Enemies under Decrease DEF debuffs.

On his A2 skill, Galleus will AOE nuke based on his Defense, placing Decrease DEF on all enemies – the damage of this skill will be increased by 10% for each enemy under a Decrease DEF debuff, this skill then steals 20% Turn Meter from each enemy.

On the A3 Ability, Galleus attacks all enemies, increasing the damage by 15% for each buff on each target, and decreases the duration of all enemy buffs by 2 turns.

Finally, we have the passive skill, where enemies under Decrease DEF debuffs cannot place control on this Champion, on top of that,  the cooldowns of this form will be reset whenever they kill an enemy who is under Decrease DEF!

What do you think of these 8 New Champions? Let us know in the comments!

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Alex Wiz
Alex Wiz
20 days ago

The new Mythic is….A CHICKEN?!???!!!?