Published On: July 20, 2021
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Ally Protection in Raid Shadow Legends

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Over the last few weeks, Saphyrra and I have spent a long time diving into the fundamentals of exactly HOW Ally Protection works, based on some findings from iAanGGaming recently around the subject.

As always though, we couldn’t put this information out there without a special thanks to HGCenty, the communities own math’s god.

So what do we all know about Ally Protection?

The caster Champion takes 25%/50% of direct damage inflicted upon the Target Champion.

Self-inflicted (HP Burn/Poison) does not trigger this effect.
Each Champion uses its own DEF value for mitigating Damage.
Ally Protection Damage is Transferred as Raw Damage

Raw Includes:
– No Buffs/Books/Mastery/Multiplication Effects
– No Reduction in Damage from Defense
– No Reduction in Damage from Multiplication Defense Effects (i.e Blastproof)

Note: Affinity Affects Raw Damage i.e:
– Weak Affinity Non-Weak Hits are 20% Less Damage (-30% for weak hits)
– Strong Hits are 30% more Raw Damage

Critical Protected Damage

Critical hits are coded to the damaged champion, however, the coded critical multipliers are based on the PROTECTORS Critical Damage, this is because the damage is SELF INFLICTED.

We do not know if this is a bug or intended, but it is how it is, meaning stacking damage on your AP champions is counterintuitive to keeping your team along further, as it will increase the damage potential for them to take unless you are running a Decrease Critical Rate debuffer in your team.

Multiple Protections in 1 team

Ally protection WILL NOT stack with another Ally Protection buff, the new buffs will override the previously placed Ally Protection debuffs, Champion B will become the primary protector, however, the Protection placed on Champion B, by Champion A will remain, so he will be sharing a portion of the damage received by Champion B.

However Guardian sets, they DO stack – Guardian sets work additively, according to team order.
Let’s say you have a team with 5 Guardian sets as an example:
Champion 1 – 100% of the damage
Champion 2 – 90% of the damage
Champion 3 – 80% of the damage
Champion 4 – 70% of the damage
Champion 5 – 60% of the damage.

Whereas Damage reduction passives, are multiplicative, meaning if you have multiple in the same team the damage will be multiplied individually by each passive incoming, making it less effective than an additive effect.

Damage Reduction:

Ally Protect/Bulwark/Selfless Defender transferred damage IS reduced by the protectors own damage reduction formula, this applies to all scenarios:

=0.85*(1-2.718^((-2*DEFENCEVAL)/3000)) – It is capped at 85% and you will notice Diminishing returns do take place very quickly.
A good sweet spot is 4,200 Defense.

A very important thing to note, Transferred damage cannot be increased by external multiplier effects, such as Gathering Fury (the clan boss passive) once the damage is transferred, it becomes self-inflicted, so it is no longer the enemies damage and such effects are added as an additional multiplier AFTER the transferred damage is calculated.

Bulwark & Selfless Defender

These work very similarly to Ally protect in the fact that it’s also a raw damage transfer, however, they CANNOT Critically hit your champion, meaning your champion’s damaging stats are not affected by these masteries.

These masteries, however, do not stack, if you were to run 2 champions in the same team both with bulwark, if you do have 2 champions on the same team with these masteries, team order becomes key for the game to decide which of the champions is the protector, making position 1 the protector, and position 2’s completed wasted.

Guardian Set

As a recent addition to the game, this has truly changed everything in terms of mitigating damage especially in clan boss, as you’ll see from the world records recently.
Guardian set behaves very similarly to Ally protection, it will transfer 10% of the Raw damage which is increased by the champions critical damage IF the hit is critical.
As mentioned before, Guardian is additive so reduces the damage by 10% PER additional set based on the team order, which is what makes it so powerful!

Transfer Damage vs Damage Reduction

Damage Transfer skills such as Ursuga and Tainix passives apply before any transfer effects.

Transfer damage DOES NOT REDUCE the damage taken, it just redistributes it, allowing you to focus damage on champions who are better suited to mitigate it further.
Damage Reduction Passives, such as Norog & Duchess + Stalwart set DO APPLY to all protection effects, however once again this is based on Team Order, meaning if your Duchess is in position 4, her damage reduction passive WILL NOT be accounted into the Ally protection damage for Champions 1-3.

Team Order

So as I’ve mentioned throughout this article, team order is SO important in these scenarios.
There is NO IMPACT on the champion receiving the damage based on team order, the passives WILL affect this.

But for the protectors, team order is everything, protected amount received by the AP changes completely:

– Damage reduction MUST be before the damage receiving champion for it to apply to the amount the protector receives in damage.
– Guardian:
– If a damaged champion is AFTER guardian, then 100% of the 10% is received by Guardian.
– If a damaged champion is BEFORE Guardian, then 50% of the 10% is received by the guardian, and 50% is given to the Ally Protection Champion.
Guardian WILL ALWAYS calculate BEFORE AP if in Position 1.


Any team should only have 1 Champion with Selfless Defender/Bulwark in the Team

Avoid Critical Damage on your protector Champions (Ally protect/Guardian) or bring Dec. C.Rate

Team order is INCREDIBLY important if you have effects that reduce damage

Damage reduction passives should be placed as early as possible in the Team Order.

Beware of Transfer Damage abilities – if the Champion is NOT tanky, they will take large amounts of damage.

For more information regarding evidence of this in action, please watch the below YouTube video, as we clearly demonstrate these effects in action, and show how we calculated all of this.

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2 years ago

So this is some awesome stuff. I was planning on moving up to UNM focusing on ally protect at a 1-1 ratio using brogni, lodric, rearguard, godseeker, and grizzled jarl. They would keep all of the buffs up 100% of the time and should work in NM and UNM and the gear requirements are low. But as I was running Ursula the mourner tonight I realized i could swap out her for grizzled Jarl if I got her at a 4-3 ratio. any thoughts on how strengthen would affect the ally forever run? If I could sneak in a lanakis that would be two buff extenders but I don’t know who I would sub out. A video or article talking about budget ally protect would be awesome.

2 years ago

Question, Does Guardian Set and Bulwark work together or does one over write the other?

1 month ago

Is there any guide, speed tunes, requirements, or something for an ally protection team related to Clan Boss?

Last edited 1 month ago by LLeexx