Published On: February 1, 2023
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Army of Chaos – New Mobile Game from Plarium Global


Army of Chaos is a “New” Mobile Strategy game that is brought to you by Plarium Global, most widely known for the hugely successful RPG Game Raid Shadow Legends.

We recently found out about this game through jGig’s channel, if you don’t know already is a content creator for Raid Shadow Legends and one of the funniest creators in the space, so massive shoutout to jgigs and make sure you go and check out his channel to see his first take on this game.

So, Magic Wars: Army of Chaos is a strategy game much like Rise of Kingdoms that is currently available to download and play in “early access”, although looking into that a bit deeper it seems like has actually been in that state since 2020, and honestly, that explains a lot.

So what does Plarium say about this game?


Elaborate strategies and clever tactics are the keys to success. Upgrade your skills. Decide which troop types to develop and how to fortify your land’s defences. At the forge, craft equipment that will improve your stats.

You will free your town from the forces of Chaos and lead it to prosperity: establish trade, produce resources, make scientific advances. As the economy of your domain recovers, you are one step closer to victory.

In the world of Magic Wars: Army of Chaos, the struggle for power never ends. Find brothers in arms and strike up alliances with them to fight a common enemy. This is a war for all!

You are in for legendary battles with real players from all over the world. Choose any strategy: plan your campaign based on scouting reports, attack whoever you want, set sophisticated traps… Raise an invincible army—and attack!

Accompany your heroes on trials! Fight fearsome monsters and claim rewards for destroying them. As you complete the trials, you can get the new heroes you save from the forces of darkness to join you.

Upgrade your heroes and equip them with various trophies. They are, after all, key figures that can attack Spawn of Chaos and complete trials. Your heroes’ progress depends on you! Just like in classic MMORPGs!

You don’t just observe the heroes as they fight, you can influence the outcome. It’s up to you when the heroes use their abilities and who will be their target. Lead them to victory.

Detailed animation, beautiful art, and 3D models of the highest quality will be sure to impress you.

Army of Chaos

Now, the sales pitch aside I downloaded and played this game for over 2 hours to get the general feel of it.

Honestly, the game is ok, and the battles are fun-ish when you actually get to do them – I will point out that in the 2 hours, I spent playing to game it seemed like I was still in the tutorial, and it took a solid 30mins of just clicking to even progress on to the next stage, and that’s when the clicking worked…but for a game that is 3 years in development and still in early access, I can’t help but feel like it is a cheap imitation of other games such as Rise of Kingdoms.

I have to say though that my main gripe with the game comes from how dry it feels. There isn’t anything exciting about it and the overall “finish” of the game had me only pushing through to see if there was something coming that would make my time in the game a little bit more enjoyable.

Attention Popup

And if I never see an “Attention! This action cannot be performed” screen pop up, after being told to click it in the quest it will still be too soon!

So should you Try out Magic Wars: Army of Chaos?

Personally, it’s not for me. And, for a game that has been out for months if not years in early access I would go so far to say that you are better off jumping into a game like Rise of Kingdoms or another established title in this genre before giving this one a go. Yes, as I keep hearing, this is still early access and I am sure it will appeal to some people, especially those looking to jump into games early but from a developer known for the biggest RPG game in the mobile space, honestly, I expected more.

Let me know your thoughts on Magic Wars: Army of Chaos in the comments below.

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1 year ago

I honestly haven’t enjoyed any mobile game I’ve tried that isn’t Raid.

Magic Wars doesn’t look to change that, with the obnoxious cartoon-y art being one of the biggest drawbacks for me. By the way, it looks like Tinkerbell is groping herself in that picture.