Beware of the bait! Mega Weekend Events!

Published On: August 18, 2022

Beware of the bait! Mega Weekend Events!


This morning it came to light that we’d be having a super-special Champion Chase Tournament alongside the Void x2 Event – Which is not the first time we’ve had this happen, although usually it is done via a Champion Training Tournament rather than Champion Chase.

So, let’s look at what we know so far…



From Friday, August 19 at 08:00 UTC to Monday, August 22 at 08:00 UTC, we’re running a special Champion Chase Tournament.

Get Champions by any means necessary. Take 1st place to win an amazing Champion!

If you manage to take 1st place on the Leader board in your Group during this Tournament you will get:

Don’t miss this great chance to grab such powerful Champions!

Happy Raiding


Should you be pulling shards?

Well, as we said in our announcement article yesterday – Void 2x is usually the BEST time to open your shards to get the best value out of them, whether that be getting Epic or Legendary champions – you’ll simply get more during these events.

However, alongside this event, you could of course be in with a chance to win one of these 4 champions based on your account level, which may be a huge boost to your roster – But it’s important to note that only 1% of the player base can win these Champions (providing it’s a 100 person tournament bracket, it may be 200 making it 0.5% of the player base!) so the odds of you winning are incredibly small as there’s always the chance that somebody in your group has either more shards saved up, or is willing spend/spend more money than you are.


Are the Champions valuable?

Genbo the Dishonored – 1-40

For players level 1-40 the likelihood of you having a deep roster is very slim at this point, and such Champions that can benefit your account do come along quite regularly, and Genbo is one of them for sure, For an early account – having access to a Void Affinity nuker who also brings an Arena Speed Aura is nothing to joke about, whilst also having the ability to ignore unkillable buffs which can help you fend off players using Swift Parry or Unkillable Champions in arena!

Genbo will mostly be used in Arena, but while progressing you may find him incredibly valuable in Wave content in dungeons/doom tower too!

Skullcrown – 41-50

Just like Genbo , Skullcrown is another Void Affinity nuker who also brings a speed aura for arena, which is incredibly useful to have for all players – especially ones who are still early on in their game progress. Skullcrown is an incredibly popular arena nuker as you progress through the game as her passive will ensure she is able to get a hit off, even if your team gets wiped out quickly.

With Skullcrown’s full AOE kit she can also be incredibly valuable in a Stun set which will overall help you in any wave content, allowing you to keep enemies locked down while you rotate through your abilities to kill them off.

Goffred Brassclad – 51-80

Goffred was added to the game recently, in July ’22 and is an absolute tank full of utility for your roster, This Champion brings a decreased defense and provokes on this A1 to a single target, AOE Stun on his A2 and his A3 places 60% increase DEF buff on all allies for 2 turns and then also removes all Decrease DEF and Weaken from them too.  To top this off he also has a very interesting passive that Whenever an ally is attacked while under Block Damage buff placed by this champion, has a 75% chance of placing a Stun debuff on the attacker for 1 turn. If an ally is about to get killed by a fatal hit he will block incoming damage and place a Block Damage buff on them for 1 turn.

He will make a great addition to any player’s roster and especially so for those trying to work through Faction Wars, as he will completely control the waves, and keep your team alive.

Teodor the Savant – 81-100

Teodor has really taken the game by storm, since his addition in August ’22 – He is undoubtedly one of if not THE best progression Champion with a kit full of Poison and HP Burn mechanics making him incredibly valuable in Dungeons, Hydra, Doom Tower and even Clan Boss.

Teodor is capable of stage 25 Ice Golem and Dragon in incredibly fast times, and in a team just speeds things up tenfold. Any player lucky enough to get their hands on this Champion is very lucky and considering many players would have been left upset after his recent 10x event – here’s our chance again!

We stand by the point that Teodor is one of the best all-around Legendary Champions in the entire game!


Will you be opening shards this weekend in aim of winning this tournament? Which Champion is up for grabs for you? Let us know below!



  1. Schinderdiv August 18, 2022 at 6:01 pm

    I’d like Teodor, but I don’t need him. I wasn’t going to pull any shards this weekend and this has not changed my mind. The leaderboards should be amusing to watch, at least.

    • Schinderdiv August 18, 2022 at 6:04 pm

      Also, the graphic for the in-game news article for this event has a picture of Sinesha instead of Skullcrown. D’oh!

  2. SS2020user August 19, 2022 at 6:07 am

    I might pull if no one else in my group (Goffred) does.

    • Schinderdiv August 19, 2022 at 5:22 pm

      Good luck. My group already has someone at over 38k points, and others at over 24k points. I don’t think I’ve ever hit even 10k, and the most void legendaries I’ve pulled on a 2x weekend has been 2.

  3. Romarocky August 22, 2022 at 10:30 am

    I was in a lucky bracket. only 5600 points for the second. I Won Goffred by nerding all night and fusing 4 epics ( 2 broadmaw, lich and erinyes ), summoning 2 epics from fragments and 6 epics found in 24 voids shards and i don’t klnow many green shards. Didn’t expect that to be honest. No whales on my group?

  4. BAD STOFFEL August 22, 2022 at 4:37 pm

    I hit lvl 41 before champ chase tournament so I could try for skullcrown. Didn’t know that genbo was her counter at the time or I might have stayed lvl 40. Had 148 void shards that I got from lvl 37 void string pack and got the $200 string pack during tournament. Only been playing a month and spent around $400. Hung back in like 5th place out of 200 player bracket after pulling madame serris because I was afraid of whales I read about coming in the last minute. Got up an hour before tournament ending and blew my remaing shards 10 min before ending. I kinda feel bad for 10k leader at the time but not really. Took 1st with 15k but wasn’t expecting to win. I just wanted good voids because I didn’t really have any and it was 2×. Ended up pulling Siphi as my 1st legendary and Vlad as my second. Also got a few good others. Another skullcrown and madame serris. Maneater and painkiller also. After I won the champ chase, there was still an hour left on the champ training tournamet. Used xp brew and took that tournament as well. Got a cool skin for serris. Sometimes u have to risk it to get rewarded. I guess I just got lucky. Lucky I wasn’t in a high level bracket where it’s all whales. All I can say is I hope all I spend rl money on from now on is the 10$ monthly gem pack

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