Black Friday 25% Off!
Published On: November 24, 2023
Start your Raid Journey Today!

Black Friday 25% Off!


Black Friday 25% Off Takeovers! Amongst Raid doing their 100% Gear removal costs and HH Gaming doing Free Premium Optimiser we thought we would add 25% off Takeovers until the end of Cyber Monday 27/11 (11/27 for those across the pond.)

We have many options to choose from as you can see when you follow the link below!

So the coupon you need to enter is:


If you need that little boost on your account from an experienced Raid player then look no further as our team are here to smash the takeover and wow your expectations!

Don’t forget to add the coupon code to get the discount and that is: cyberweekend23 so add the code and get to this page here

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6 months ago

Thank you for the optimizer this weekend. Love it!!!