Published On: June 16, 2022
Start your Raid Journey Today!

Bluestacks5 – Automate your grind better than ever before!

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Using Bluestacks allows you to play your favourite android and mobile games on PC and Mac.

Bluestacks is an android emulator that has been developed to allow you to enjoy the leading android and mobile games without the limitations that come from using a mobile device.

With Bluestacks you can use a keyboard and mouse rather than relying on a touchscreen to enjoy your gameplay. By using Bluestacks not only do you gain the edge over your competition, but you also are not limited by the battery life of your device.

The developers at Bluestacks have spent countless hours developing their platform to include advanced features that give the ability to automate monotonous tasks in your favourite titles.

In Raid: Shadow Legends you can use Bluestacks to automate your dungeon grinds and even speed up the process of rolling up gear.

There is also a new Promo-Code for New Raid players using BlueStacks, which will give you the following: BLUESTACKSRAID

  • 3 Energy Refills
  • 1 Rare Book
  • 1 3* Chicken
  • 10 Brews
  • XP Boost

Perks of Bluestacks 5:

  • BlueStacks takes up to 2GB less RAM when running 3 instances
  • Multi-Instance Manager: Lets you create numerous instances of BlueStacks 5
  • Controls Editor: Create new controls, edit them and manage your control schemes
  • Trim Memory: Reduces RAM usage with one click. Especially useful if you ever face performance-related issues.
  • Eco Mode: Turn it on to enjoy up to 87% reduced CPU usage, 97% reduced GPU usage and easier multi-tasking
  • RAM Usage on RPG with 3 instances:
    BlueStacks 5 – 4349 MB
    Nox – 6300 MB
    Memu – 6400 MB
    LDPlayer – 4934 MB
  • CPU Usage (AFK Arena)
    BlueStacks 5 – 9%
    Nox – 12%
    Memu – 10%
    LDPlayer – 13%
  • Eco Mode
    CPU Usage w/o Eco Mode – 28%
    CPU Usage with Eco Mode -3.50%
  • Key Mappings – Players can play the game using key mappings, saving those few extra mouse drags and clicks on the screen.
  • Display FPS – Players can monitor their in-game FPS with the FPS counter.
  • Rerolling – Players can use multi-instances to efficiently reroll for their best starting Character.
  • Macros and Scripts: Players can record macros or write scrips to perform repeated actions in-game.

Download BlueStacks 5 today by Clicking Here and automate your journey through Raid: Shadow Legends! 

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1 year ago

Is there any use for bluestack for myself , if im only willing to play 1 account and already playing religiously daily ? Im not into playing many accounts , even for the rewards , but would bluestack provide me with any advantage ?

1 year ago
Reply to  Lyryal

I am FTP and the macros are awesome. I recorded at least two macros that are worth using, one just clicks the replay button endlessly, the other one would just click the right sequence to replay a level or if out of energy buy some energy then replay. Before bed most nights I set up one of these to go and my energy is used all night, I just decide if I want gems used or not and how many hours to run it for.

The fact that after dinner at like 11pm utc i can hit a button or two and have all my energy for the next 8-10 hours used running a dungeon of my choice. Heck even just run minotaur with those FW champs that need their masteries anyways…

1 year ago

BLUESTACKSRAID promo code is no longer valid…