Call of the Arbiter Release Schedule
Published On: May 18, 2023
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Call of the Arbiter Release Schedule


With Call of the Arbiter arriving today, Plarium has published a full Call of the Arbiter Release Schedule.

The first Episode is scheduled ready to go at 2pm UTC on the Official Raid Shadow Legends YouTube Channel, so get ready!

In-game Activities

** Champion Chase cannot be started after July 24th.
* Exact times are subject to change.

Community Contest

  • Fan Art Content – June 12th – August 14th – Information will be released on this as we know more.

Typically these Events have been made up by the community sending in artwork they’ve made around a subject, whether that be a Champion from the game, or designing a new skin/champion entirely.

The usual rewards for these are exclusive in-game avatars along with some in-game rewards such as shards, and books.

These are nearly always posted on the Facebook Page for Raid Shadow Legends, however, also get posted on the Discord server.

Episode Release Dates

Episode 1 – May 18th – Galek

Episode 2 – May 25th

Episode 3 – June 1st

Episode 4 – June 8th

Episode 5 – June 15th

Episode 6 – June 22nd

Episode 7 – June 29th

Episode 8 – July 6th

Episode 9 – July 13th

Episode 10 – July 20th

Call of the Arbiter Kael

Discover the Lore

Episode 1 – May 20th

Episode 2 – May 27th

Episode 3 – June 3rd

Episode 4 – June 10th

Episode 5 – June 17th

Episode 6 – June 24th

Episode 7 – July 1st

Episode 8 – July 8th

Episode 9 – July 15th

Episode 10 – July 22nd

Call of the Arbiter Alure

Inside Look

May 18th

June 19th

July 24th

Call of the arbiter release schedule

Be sure to follow the Release Schedule Call of the Arbiter to not miss out on any of this exciting content!

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John Hart
John Hart
1 year ago

this is so awesome great backstory.

1 year ago

Episode 1 Chase Code is CHOICE

1 year ago

Like the attempt. Better than nothing. Would like longer episodes. Such much more they could do for the hype they provide. Bigger question though…why are the graphics of standard RAID commercials and even in game far superior to the Call of the Arbiter Series? Even the commercial with Galek and Zargala on “the red carpet”. They look great and then look up to the “cartoony” COTA version of Galek.

Pablo Jesús Martínez
Pablo Jesús Martínez
11 months ago

Episode 1 Chase Code is CHOICE
Episode 2 Chase Code is ARBITER
Episode 3 Chase Code is BETRAYAL

Misty Keller
Misty Keller
11 months ago

I got the first one, just couldn’t get the other 2….Thx

11 months ago

Code Chase:
Episode 1: CHOICE
Episode 2: ARBITER
Episode 3: BETRAYAL
Episode 4: HARMONY
Episode 5: DESTINY