Chaos Ore Guide – Tips, Tricks and how NOT to waste:

Published On: January 15, 2022

Chaos Ore Guide – Tips, Tricks and how NOT to waste:


Patch 5.1 gave us the introduction with a new resource, used to reroll your artifacts and/or accessories to try to get a better chance to improve the stat distribution on the item.

We were all able to access 2 of these items for free, as a gift from Plarium.

1x 6* Legendary Ore
1x 6* Epic Ore


How they work?

Effectively, Chaos Ore gives you a chance to completely re-create an artifact – ideally making it stronger or more desirable for you.

When using this, the item will keep its level, so for example if you have a level 16 item, with 3 rolls into a specific substat, you will still get a triple roll on your new artifact – however, the substat and mainstat of the item may change.

Glyphs will also be removed when using this, so think before using!


What are the odds of getting what you’re after?

Hellhades and Saphyrra have been working on a calculator of sorts, to display the percentages of getting exactly what you’re looking for when rolling artifacts, before even considering the use of Chaos Ore – just to show you how valuable these rolls are, they’re like gold dust!

However, ONCE you get the roll you’re looking for, in the wrong substats, you get the joys of attempting to reroll it with Chaos Ore to get what you’re looking for!

As you can see, the chances of getting anything remotely close to what you’re looking for drops significantly when accounting for the change in main stat, which in most cases will be very important to you on the item.

However, in some cases, let’s say for example you’re JUST looking for speed, and do not care about the main stat – the chances do significantly jump.

Here’s an example showing Banners, with all disregard of the main stat – the chances of quad rolling to the desired sub stat are much higher at 14.2%!


What sets should these be used on?

You should prioritize using your Chaos Ores on high impact sets, such as Speed, Savage, Perception, and potentially sets such as Immunity, along with Doom Tower Counterpart sets that replicate immunity and savage.

You should aim to use these on items that have already got 3-4 rolls into a substat, and remember you are more likely to get a usable item when using on the top row rather than gloves, chest, and boots.

End-game players may find these ores very useful for fishing for fast banners where they do not care about the primary stat.



  1. MickieJuice January 16, 2022 at 5:31 am

    What are your thoughts on using the oar before you upgrade the piece? Say if you have a flat primary stat on gloves, chests of boots?

    • SS2020user January 17, 2022 at 6:59 am

      It’s a bad idea, firstly you are not guaranteed to get the mainstat you want, secondly the substats you get will be random and thirdly, if you get a quadroll into a trash substat on a speed weapon/ shield, you will probably want to save your ore for that instead.

  2. MickieJuice January 18, 2022 at 3:36 am

    But I wouldn’t upgrade a bad piece to start with…even if I did and I rolled on a flat stat (once or double), it gets sold straight away.

    • Spidee January 18, 2022 at 8:54 am

      I’m with you, doesn’t make sense upgrading a bad piece in the hope that an ore will make it good. Waste of resources with a slim chance of the ore doing something good. Hmmm… 🤔

    • SS2020user February 4, 2022 at 2:08 pm

      Agreed, but if you were to do that with a piece and it DID quadroll, you should save your ore for then. Also WHY WOULD YOU USE A CHAOS ORE ON A NON LEVELD PIECE??? Just go farm another couple energy into that dungeon and you’ll have a new piece with other stats!!! CHaos ore is RARE, this tournament is probably going to be the easiest we will have in a while. SAVE IT FOR QUAD (Or really promising triples in specific sets) ROLLS!!!

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