City of Sintranos
Published On: December 5, 2023
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City of Sintranos – What we know so far


We are quickly approaching the release of the City of Sintranos, which is supposedly going to be RAID’s biggest content drop to date; whilst no official date is confirmed, it was teased to be coming THIS year, and time is running out for that to remain true.

We expect to have further information on a release date, and more information in general about the content literally any day now.

This article will break down everything we know so far, and what has been teased to us on social media by Plarium.

Audio Clips:

Below you can find the video where our own Saphyrra and HellHades discuss, and listen to the four audio clips that were released to creators as part of the first round of teasers for the City of Sintranos Content Drop!

Confirmed Information:

  • This new content area will unlock once your account reaches level 52, before this, it will be unavailable for players to explore.

“Many players have been asking about the overall level of challenge of the new content. Well, it is not going to be a walk in the park for certain, but neither does it belong exclusively to the late game. Sintranos opens its gates to players of level 52 and above.”

  • Certain stages will require blessings, originally many people were under the impression that it would require 6-star blessings, however this was confirmed in the latest Raid Digest:

“True, a small number of stages require a certain number of Blessing stars per team, but there is no minimum Blessing Requirement per Champion. Furthermore, those stages are optional and do not bar the passage to the main boss, so it is possible to choose another path to avoid them altogether.”

  • Battles and Progress will NOT Cost Energy, this was also confirmed in the Raid Digest last week:

“No Energy is required for a battle, we also hope that making Super Raids permanent across many areas of the game next year will make it easier for you to focus on the City of Sintranos.”

  • There will be 2 difficulty modes, each featuring 100 stages.

“Sintranos opens its gated to players of level 52 and above, and will have two difficulty levels at release, and you need to prevail in each encounter only once before the reset, so you don’t have to pursue extreme time efficiency for farming.”

  • The difficulty of the City of Sintranos will be somewhat relative to that of Hard Doom Tower.

“You may consider the Hard level of Doom Tower a rough reference point for the maximum difficulty level, as far as it is possible to compare two different pieces of content.”

  • Fights that involve facing 2 different RAID bosses at the same time, this was announced in the audio clips that content creators received in the initial round of teasers for the City of Sintranos, but was followed up with a post on their social media which you can see below.

Lord of Sintranos Boss (Potential End Boss?)

This boss was teased today on social media with a small clip, all of these bits of information lead us to believe the final announcement is very imminent, with a potential ‘What’s Next in RAID?’ video being dropped any day now.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming City of Sintranos content? Let us know in the comments!

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