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Published On: March 9, 2021

Clan vs Clan Coming to Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has just announced the news that an upcoming clan vs clan system will be coming to Raid Shadow Legends very soon, here’s what they had to say:

We’re gonna be launching our first ever Clan vs Clan Tournament very soon, and we wanted to tell you guys a little more about it.

The basics are simple; two Clans will be pitted against each other and will compete for some big rewards. Each Clan will earn Points for completing certain activities, and both Clans will be able to win rewards just for taking part. However, whichever Clan earns the most Points in each matchup will win that particular matchup and will get an extra load of rewards. And better yet, the more a Clan beats their opponent, and the bigger the difference between their Points, the better their rewards will be! The winner of each matchup will also get a nice little CvC Trophy attached to their Clan’s profile forever, showing how many CvC Tournaments they’ve won.

Our first, inaugural Clan vs Clan Tournament will only be open to a limited number of Clans (dependent on the Clan Rankings) while we figure out any kinks or issues with the feature. However, all subsequent Tournaments will be open to all Clans that meet the following criteria:

– The Clan must have 10 or more members

– The Clan must have earned at least 50 Clan Activity Stars in the last 7 days.

– So don’t worry if your Clan isn’t included in the first CvC Tournament – all Clans will be able to take part in future Tournaments as long as you meet those pretty easy requirements.

Individual player requirements are also fairly simple: Players will need to be a fully-fledged Clan member by the time the Tournament starts. Anyone joining a Clan after the Tournament has started won’t be able to take part in the Tournament. If you’re a verrrrrrry new player (meaning you haven’t completed Stage 1 of the Sewers of Arnoc in the Campaign on Normal, and you’re still taking part in your Novice Tournament), you won’t be able to take part either.

Those are the rules, but here’s the exciting part – rewards. You can win an abundance of items you all already know and love, but there are also two brand-new types of Accessories to win that are only available through CvC Tournaments.

Bloodshield Accessories.

They give your Champion a Shield equal to 5% of the damage they deal after they attack – giving your squishy damage dealers a big boost in the survival department. And like always, you can equip up to three of them for an even bigger Shield. They won’t give you a Shield based on Poison damage, or from Masteries that deal damage based on the enemy’s MAX HP (because that would be super broken), but Bloodshield Accessories are still very strong.

Reaction Accessories.

They give the wearer a 25% chance of changing any incoming Critical Hits into Normal Hits when they get attacked before their first Turn in every Round. This makes them a great fit for slower Champions who are in danger of being nuked out of the game before they get their turn. 3 Reaction Accessories mean 75% chance Critical Hits will feel like a tiny scratch – making them perfect to counter those speedy nukers.

What are your thoughts on this new system? let us know in the comments below.



  1. Brentielal March 9, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    Not really sure about this, I hope they make it so lower guilds can get these items (as you said). I watched what Stew said and he is not happy, he thinks it will break arena bad.

  2. Spaceman_t March 9, 2021 at 10:38 pm

    Yes, the reaction gear is game breaking for Arena. Not sure this will make players happy. It’s just too much to have it 25% per item. It would be acceptable to have it as 25% (4) gear, similar to the equip that turns weak hits into full hits. Do they actually playtest?

    • ymirsson March 10, 2021 at 9:34 pm

      accessories with a 4 part set bonus? how would that work?

  3. Dim721 March 10, 2021 at 9:36 pm

    The reaction gear is a very bad move for the health of the arena and game in general. Arena should be about skill and build integrity not RNG. I already hate SP sets in high G4 and I know it’s even worse in platinum. It will also make fights last way longer and let’s be honest the time needed to complete daily tasks on this game is already long especially y with the nerf to MAX HP dmg on DT and TM control strategies that allowed you to bring more fragile dmg dealing champs. If they wanted to mitigate speed nuke meta all they had to do was introduce more champions with passives like Tormin, Seeker or Valkyrie that could disturb enemy turn or dmg output.

  4. hornet0202 March 18, 2021 at 7:34 pm

    The part that scares me the most is how the clan matching works. Higher ranking clans are all active to the disparity of winning will be low. That will mean lower rewards. Then if you win you go against an even more active clan and barely win or lose. I don’t want to destroy every matchup but I would like to win some big so my clan can get bigger rewards.

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