Common Mistakes to avoid in Tower of Fantasy!

Published On: August 23, 2022

Common Mistakes to avoid in Tower of Fantasy!


Tower of Fantasy can be very overwhelming, especially for newer players! Here’s our guide on how to avoid common mistakes that most players do in Tower of Fantasy!


#1 Spending in the Shop

Be careful what you spend your dark crystals on because you may regret buying something and then needing the dark crystals! You should buy the Red Nucleus if you want to make the most of the dark crystals. Red Nucleus is used to summon weapons and you should pull the red Nucleus if there’s a weapon that seems OP or one that you like the look of and that you’ll enjoy playing in the game.

Now Red Nucleus grant a 50% increased chance to pull the selected weapon so you can play it two ways! If you’re a gambling person then you can pull as and when but if you like to be more precise then you should save up 120 nuclei because you’re guaranteed an SSR weapon at 80 because that’s your Mercy system however at 120 you can use the tokens to buy the character. So you have your 50/50 chance at 80 then guaranteed at 120.

#2 Levelling too many weapons

Don’t waste resources! To test weapons and new ones that you’ve just pulled level them to 40 and play test them like that but don’t go higher than that unless you’re planning to use them as your main weapons because once you hit past level 50 it starts to become a lot of resources to level them up.

#3 Having the right selection of weapons

When running through Tower of Fantasy solo you should have one S-tier shield-breaking weapon, one S-tier DPS weapon and an S-tier support/healing weapon.

#4 Gearing your character

Don’t upgrade green and white gear as you’ll get much better gear and you’ll waste resources! You should upgrade all of your gear slots to level 10 to get bonus stats that will really assist you in the game with staying alive or dishing out a lot more damage!


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