Published On: December 27, 2022
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Corvis the Corruptor Champion Spotlight!


Corvis the Corruptor is one of the newer champions and he is an absolute beast! He looks like an old Plague Doctor back in the day and he is about to corrupt the souls of his enemies!

His kit is really good for basically everything! But he can really stand out in Dungeons because he just solos them with EASE!

He brings a Decrease ATK on his a1, an AOE increase debuff duration which is massive plus the main part of his kit his a3 AOE Poisoner! This guy is INSANE!!!

When plague strikes Teleria, look no further than Corvis the Corruptor as the culprit of the outbreak. Shunned by his Sacred Order brethren, Corvis revels in bringing his unique toxins to all parts of the land.

Corvis is a powerful Poisoner who certainly has a home in any 2:1 Traditional Clan Boss team with his ability to extend enemy debuffs and increase duration of ally buffs by 1 turn on a 3 turn cooldown. His second AoE on the A3 applies 4 Poisons and a Poison Sensitivity (if 2 or more poisons land). His unique passive reduces the damage you take from enemies who are under Poison debuffs (up to 25%). He is also Defense based making him naturally tanky and easy to keep alive.

If you are in need of an S Tier poisoner with potential to support your team in reaching a 2:1, Corvis is likely top of that list. His damage is servicable but unlikely to break any Arena Meta’s so you should consider him a PvE Champion.

You are going to want to build him similar to HH’s build: 82k HP, 3.4k DEF (ATK doesn’t matter as his damage is all DEF based!) 244 SPD plus a load of Resist and you’ll need ACC to land those Debuffs!

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