Published On: February 6, 2021
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Debuff Extension on Clan Boss – What does it bring, and who does it best?


Having the ability to extend all of your debuffs that you have active on the clan boss is huge for increasing your damage, it allows you to ensure 100% uptime on all of the vital buffs, whilst also keeping your debuff bar full at all times. There are several champions who can do this for you, but we’re going to look at who does it best, and why?


Vizier Ovelis:

Vizier is a Force affinity ATK based legendary, and is a complete gamechanger for your clan boss team, due to the fact that his extend ability on his A1 he gains a lot of value from being in a counter attack setup as he will continuously increase the duration of ALL debuffs on the enemy, this can result in you having 100% uptime on Attack down, Defence down, Weaken, AND 7 poisons for the whole fight, without risk of them dropping off. Because of his chance to increase on every hit, Vizier is incredibly strong at this role, as each turn he has the potential to add 3 turns to every single debuff, usually resulting in crazy high stacks of everything by the end of a fight! However due to Viziers AI you will need to manual the first few rounds of your fight to ensure he is only using his A1 to extend his buffs rather than placing his own buffs with his A2, as they will take up unwanted debuff space on the boss.


Much like Vizier, Warlord has the ability to extend all buffs on his A1, however he can only extend by 1 turn. But he remains an incredibly strong option, his A2 also provides HUGE shields to your team and block debuffs, which can be used to block affinity debuffs or the stun every cycle! Since Warlord is void affinity, there is no risk of him weak hitting and missing out on possible debuff extension, which makes him incredibly strong for all affinity clan bosses, however he is still outshined by Vizier in terms of extending, due to the chance to extend multiple times.


Septimus has the potential of extending debuffs as a passive, every time he attacks, which is great, especially if he is running fast and with a counter attacker or ally attacker in the team. However he is not the most reliable extender, he does however bring very high amounts of damage as commonly seen is Dungeon speed runs, but to be used for extension you will need to build him with Accuracy unlike the commonly seen high attack, nuke build for Septimus. To get maximum potential from Septimus in clan boss, you will likely want to put him in an unkillable team, so that you can also stack his damaging stats without worrying about keeping him alive.

Narma The Returned:

Narma was added over Halloween in 2020, and was the first clan boss orientated Champion to be released for quite some time! She brings a large majority of the required debuffs for Clan boss, with Attack down, Poison sensitivity, Poisons AND the ability to extend 3 random debuffs on the enemy with her A1, which makes her great when paired with Counter attack or Ally attack champions. However due to her ability to only extend 3 of the debuffs each turn, she is overshadowed by other options in terms of extending debuffs.


Soulless is a void legendary, from Knights Revenant, he is very useful for a lot of content, especially Faction wars, and Kuldath in Doom tower, as well as various Doom tower floors. But due to the 4 turn Cooldown on his extension he doesn’t have a place in clan boss, and the spot would be better filled by many other champions.



Vogoth is a very new addition to the game, he was added in Patch 3.2 in January 2021. Unfortunately, Vogoth can only extend one debuff with his A1, but he does also bring Leech when he is hit, which is great when you are looking to move away from using Life Steal in clan boss, as much as his extension is not very reliable, it is a great bonus to have on your leech champion as it just adds to their utility. Vogoth would be mostly valued in a lower progressed account, and probably won’t see much use in late-end game teams due to available options.

Aox the Rememberer:

Aox was added in December 2020 alongside the Christmas Fusion, Pyxniel. He has a brilliant kit for the Clan boss, as he brings 5% poisons on his A1, although it is not the highest chance to land – 10% (books to 30%) He can also bring Decrease attack, and healing based on the amount of debuffs on your target. Aox’s extension triggers on 2 debuffs when he is hit, this counts for being hit multiple times, Due to the clan boss hitting multiple times on affinity with its AOEs the potential to extend is relatively high.


Erinyes is part of the Rhazin Scarhide Fusion, and is most commonly saved for this, however she does bring some utility to a clan boss team depending on your other options, she places a 5% poison with her A1 and has the chance to extend all debuffs on her A2 by 1 turn – however due to this being a 4 turn cooldown it is not incredibly reliable, and won’t affect your damage very noticeably.


Flesh-Tearer has a relatively decent kit for clan boss, due to his ability to extend all debuffs by 1 turn, however this is on a 4 turn cooldown like several others. He also brings an AOE heal for your team which can be very useful. Flesh-Tearer is better considered for use in dungeons, and very commonly seen paired with AOE poisoners and Poison explosion champions such as Taurus and Zavia, A team consisting of these champions can clear dungeons at incredibly high speed.



Much like Aox’s extension, Bulwarks triggers when he is attacked – however his does affect all debuffs on the target, unfortunately this doesn’t make him incredibly reliable as a debuff extender but it is a great addition to your team – Bulwark is a great clan boss champion for early-mid game champions – the rest of his kit is very well suited to clan boss, with a 17% DEF in all battles aura which can be very helpful till you get a better replacement – he also brings a low version of Weaken (15%) on his A1 and a HP burn on his A2. Bulwark is increasingly good vs Affinity Clan boss due to the multiple hit AOEs that can trigger his passive more frequently.


Bombardier has a very low chance to extend debuffs on his A1, and weak poisons on his A3 – overall he is a very poor champion, and will very rarely be used, in any content bar early game faction wars. He is not worth considering to be a debuff extender for clan boss.


While there are some great options, Vizier stands out as the best in terms of maximum potential for extending debuffs. He is featured in a lot of late-endgame clan boss teams and really can push your damage to the next level and make it very consistent due to not worrying about debuffs dropping off/getting a random resist during your fight.

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3 years ago

Note : Septimus passive can prof out of warmaster on top of the regular damages.

Simon Weston
Simon Weston
7 months ago

I need a full take over,rebuild of all top champions to even hurt hydra,my max to date is 1.2m 😵‍💫