Count Delman

Count Delman

Champion Tier: A

Champion Details

Faction: Order
Race: Elf
Role 1: Fighter
Role 2: Warrior
Role 3: Bounty Hunter

Key Information

Base Speed: 145
Farm: Tournament, Shop

Count Delman

Count Delman is a great addition to the Elf team. His Mark Of Death is a great move to get around Defenders with Taunt. Also his team wide Crit Damage buff is great for ramping up the damage. Count Delman is surprisingly survivable and will make it a awhile into the fight, while providing solid damage along the way.



Rune Priority

North East: Speed
North West: Damage
South: Crit Chance

Set Priorities:

Crit Damage x4 Crit Chance x2 Damage x4 Crit Chance x2 Speed x4 Crit Chance/ Potency x2

Substat Priorities:

Speed Damage Crit Chance Potency Survivability


Artifact Priority

Prefered Stat First: Crit Chance
Prefered Stat Second: Damage
Prefered Stat Third: Crit Damage

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